7 years ago: Teen Mania

7 years ago: Teen Mania April 2, 2013

April 2, 2006, on this blog: Teen Mania

The name “Battle Cry” — and especially the shameless, spiritualized dick-swinging of the “City Hall Rally” — has little to do with what St. Paul meant by “spiritual warfare.” It is, instead, the latest example of all that the so-called “culture warriors” seem capable of: Marking their territory by pissing on trees.

From the bogus “War on Christmas” to the fetishistic devotion to Ten Commandments markers, this territory-marking has become an obsession for many of the alleged followers of Christ. “They’ll know we are Christians by our love” apparently proved too difficult, so instead we’ve settled for “They’ll know we are Christians by our bullying dominance of the public square.”

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  • And when bullying won’t suffice, they’ll just as happily legislate against, ostracize or even threaten to murder people, just like Christ would have!

    I’m still struggling with Kyrja Withers having been shot at in her home in FL — because she’s a “witch.” She’s a publicly pagan children’s books author who lives in a house that stepped out of Seussville.

    It takes an extra special kind of ragemonster to shoot at such a woman through the windows of such a house. Unfortunately, I think the extra special flavoring is probably “Christian righteousness.”

  • stardreamer42

    Hmmm. Apparently “Teen Mania Ministries” is still functional (and why am I completely unsurprised that it’s in Texas?), but they’re not making much noise in the public arena any more. I wonder what changed?

  • What happened is that Teen Mania is operated primarily by young people, most recruited directly out of high school as a part of their Honor Academy internship. Alumni of this program began to speak out publicly about their experiences there in 2009, which included charges of spiritual abuse, abuse of power, mishandling of physical injuries and mental illness, and a variety of other things as more people began to speak out. This sparked attention from MSNBC, who did a documentary on these alumni and ended up charging the HA, and therefore TM, as a cult. Since then they’ve had to reorganize and restructure, including the old director of the program (David Hasz) leaving, not least because now when you google “Honor Academy” the first hit is the Recovering Alumni site.

  • kisekileia

    That house is adorable!

  • kisekileia

    I remember reading a book by Ron Luce of Teen Mania when I was 13, and subsequently being angsty about whether it was morally OK for me to listen to ABBA.

  • So are the owners!



    They look like (appropriately) they just stepped out of a children’s book, and that’s awesome on so many levels.