Slow change may pull us apart

“I’ve taken the red pill and Sunday sermons don’t do it for me anymore.”

“Really? That’s it? That’s the best you got?

“The people who read the Bible without the constraint of a dogma about inerrancy are reading the actual Bible, while those who subscribe to inerrancy are reading an imaginary one that is filtered through a distorting lens.”

If they ever extend their concept of freedom and liberty to considering the rights of people not to have sights or sounds or bullets or pollutants placed on their property without their say-so, I might reconsider.”

“We’ve lived with the 60-vote Senate for four years — it’s time for it to end.”

“Americans simply don’t know one another very well, but that has never stopped us from making judgments about how one another should live.”

‘One-anothers’ in the New Testament

“You think it’s the kind of place that respects freedom, because it allows you to build your own hamburger from an ample condiment bar? Nothing could more untrue.”

“Death denial is an omnipresent feature of Western consumer capitalism.”

“Even if you hate — hate — the Yankees with every fiber of your being, as many baseball fans no doubt do, you have to respect Rivera for his extraordinary success in the ninth inning and the exemplary way he has carried himself on and off the field lo these many years.”

George Jones was my all time favorite singer and one of my favorite people in the world.”

Jesus in Outer Space

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘In-Your-End-O'”


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  • No one is starving in America. This isn’t equatorial Africa. ‘Food insecure’ does not mean starving. As for your question, of course I do.

  • Turcano

    I made that assumption based on that attitude right there. You act like the state isn’t the largest hindrance to anti-competitive behavior in existence.

  • J_Enigma32

    I’m pretty sure Romney or Santorum said something like this.

    I’m also pretty sure Romney (or Santorum) was full of shit. Guess what that makes you, you little upper-middle class ray of sunshine?

  • MissMikey

    I’m sure there are some constituents who have psuedo-biblical objections, but I think more have psuedo-constitutional objections. So I think it’s more likely to just be pandering to the anti-Gubbbmint crowd.

    I didn’t read the HuffPo link, but if you read the article below and then scroll down to read comments from “justaguy22” (I think that’s his handle), you’ll get a good taste.

    My favorite part is the lawmaker who complains these aren’t even scientific surveys because they are random…….

  • The_L1985

    Oh, of course. After all, it’s not like only being able to afford Ramen noodles is extremely unhealthy and essentially starvation rations, after all.


    So yes, a lot of people in America have to choose between eating and paying the rent. This means that sometimes, yes, they do GO WITHOUT FOOD.

  • Ad hominem fallacy is not an argument.

  • Sure, it’s the largest hindrance to anti-competitive behavior-it prevents disorganized murder and robbery.

  • As one who has experienced severe starvation within the last five years, FUCK YOU.

  • P J Evans

    The bible does mentions censuses. Several times. So if they’re objecting, it must be on the basis of ‘Revelation’.

  • Describe the circumstances that led to your “starvation” and its nature. I am a Skeptic; thus, I require extraordinary evidence to be used to back up extraordinary claims.

  • JustoneK

    You are being extremely racist in referencing equatorial Africa as yer only example of “actual starving children” btw.

    There are children starving, yes to death sometimes, in america. We have the numbers now. There are older folks starving. There are some in the middling age ranges starving, but they also tend to be most employed so they might get slightly more.

    This is some grandiose obtuseness from you. Are you sure you’re genuinely interested in doing better by people around you? Because you can’t do that if you don’t believe them when they tell you how they’re living and dying.

  • JustoneK

    Protip: Asking someone to prove they adequately starved by your personal standards does not make you a skeptic so much as an asshole.

  • JustoneK

    Wait. Wait. Are you saying you would approve of semi-regulated murder and robbery?

  • Are you denying that people in equatorial Africa are generally poorer than people in the U.S.? Capitalism’s conquest of poverty has made it difficult for me to find examples of countries in which many people are actually starving besides those in southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. I am not infinitely trusting; if I was, I would be on a crusade against vaccine manufacturers.

  • I never expressed a desire to end all taxes and wars.

  • JustoneK

    This is derailing. You are still not addressing any of my points. This makes it highly frustrating to talk to you.

    Weird anti-vax comment out of nowhere does not help your case.

    Equatorial Africans can be generally poorer in multiple senses, none of which you seem to define here. When the bottom line is human death, I don’t think it matter so much anymore, because that’s a p damn solid, easily measured line.

    People are dying in equatorial Africa to guns, violence, and malnutrition. People are dying in America to guns, violence, and malnutrition.

  • JustoneK

    It is honestly hard to tell with you. :P

  • I am pro vax, as can be substantiated by dozens (possibly hundreds) of my YouTube comments. Read what I write. I don’t address what I don’t disagree with.

  • JustoneK

    Is English your primary language? You’re conveying a lot of secondary concepts with yer word choices here.

  • Examples, please.

  • Extraordinary circumstances? Having no income, no means of getting an income because employers weren’t hiring someone from out of state without an ID, living on the courtesy of a forgiving landlord (couldn’t afford my rent, would have been homeless if he hadn’t been a nice guy), spending a lot of time not eating anything except the cheapest foods with no nutritional value (mostly instant rice, ramen, whatever I could afford on the $5-10 a week I was getting from odd jobs).

    I lost nearly 45 pounds over six months (and at 130 pounds and 5’9, those weren’t excess pounds I could afford to shed) and eventually began having fainting spells. What I was eating and drinking was kind of keeping my stomach full, but it wasn’t providing enough nutritional substance to fuel my body. I lived on the top floor of the building and it got to be where I couldn’t climb down the stairs (much less back up them) without passing out, so I just stayed in my room all the time.

    Eventually I got sick with some sort of bronchial infection (was coughing up some very disgusting phlegm) and wasn’t getting better and it became clear that I needed real food or my immune system wasn’t going to be able to fight off the infection. My landlord and his family started bringing me food from their table. After a few months, I recovered enough to seek out better living conditions.

    I live in a nice suburban area now, but I still see homeless people who are sick and wasted all the time, and I have no doubt that some of them die from not being able to find anything to eat. That just as easily could have been me. I have some survival skills to get along while homeless, but there’ve been some some ordinances lately to try and “discourage homeless scavenging” by having restaurants stop dumping food where people can get at it. The charities are overworked and many of them have closed, or require a demonstrable religious commitment to attend their soup kitchens. I have no doubt that if it hadn’t been for my landlord, I wouldn’t be here today unless I’d taken drastic steps — like deliberately getting arrested to take advantage of the prison system.

    (Gee. If that’s a notion which has occurred to me, makes one wonder about the US having such a huge prison population…)

  • c2t2

    That was beautiful, and your story closely echoes my own. You are not alone… and I say that realizing I just told you that some trees lose their leaves in the fall. You can’t ‘visit’ another person’s heart, so it’s hard to understand that we are there. I’m saying it anyway: we are out there.

  • P J Evans

    We do read what you write – here.

    ‘I don’t address what I don’t disagree with.’
    That’s part of the problem. You don’t address anything, or anyone, you can’t put down, insult, or otherwise feel superior to.

  • Just a quick link drop that might interest Fred and the Slactivist community

  • *offers virtual hugs*

    Your story made me cry. I’m sorry your enviroment is so toxic for you.

  • $5-10 a week!!! That, I have to admit, is horrible.

  • Hexep

    There’s a recurring dream that I have, or perhaps a fantasy or a day-dream, where I have a whole suite of telepathic powers. I’ve had this dream on and off for probably 10 years now. My ‘oneiromantic powers.’ They expand and contract depending on what I’m thinking about. I had a dream about it last night. (It’s four o’clock in the morning for me right now; I woke up from this dream prematurely. This is probably because I have my computer whirring away like a jet engine on the table next to my bed, busy downloading things.)

    In my dream, I can reach out to people from across the world while they’re sleeping, and grasp their souls, and stretch them a little, and make a copy of them – a perfect copy of their mental and spiritual essence. I can then do… well, whatever I want with it. Sculpting my own dreams as though they were clay, I can hew them into any sort of setting I can imagine, and bring myself and this copied person into it as characters.

    Sometimes, I craft myself some real vile shit, some absolute Silence of the Lambs thing, where I’ve got someone in a clear plastic cell while I sit back in a chair, smoking a cigarette, and interrogate them. But more often, lately, I just conjure up a fancy cafe on a beach, and put myself into a linen suit and talk to them about my personal heart-aches.

    But the best part of this is that when it’s done, I can always wink their copy out of existence, and the real them would never, ever know what I said to them. I could share my secrets and keep them secret, which is the best thing in the world.

    An unlocked door makes a thief out of anyone, doesn’t it? I’m terrified of blackmail. If I had to describe a particular thing, a single outcome that I’m frightened of, moreso than the cage beds and the lobotomies and asbestos mines, I’m afraid that I would talk to a therapist, and like it, and I would say something I shouldn’t. I’m afraid that I will absolutely walk into a trap; I will like this person, and I will give them greater and greater liberty with my person and my story (the final rubicon will be tape-recording) and that soon it’ll be too late. One day, we’ll wrap up a session, and they’ll say, ‘well, that was very interesting. But I’m afraid that our circumstances have changed; from now on, each hour is ten thousand yuan, or everyone you told me about will get to hear everything you don’t want them to know, and then it really will be cage beds, and you’re coming in three times a week.’ That, specifically, is my fear.

    An unlocked door makes a thief out of anyone. It would make a thief out of me, if I could ever talk myself into believing that there is such a thing as an unlocked door. No, to me, all unlocked doors are only unlocked because there are landmines on the doorstep, and someone’s hungry for laowai meat.

  • P J Evans

    Then there’s Mitt, who came out of hiding to give a commencement address at Southern Virginia U, a Mormon-dominated school. And urged them to have lots of kids now.
    He hasn’t learned anything from his expereices last year.

  • “have a quiver full of kids if you can,”

    Oh man. And after some family goes broke having a football team of kids in the name of this doctrine I hope he has the common decency to cut them a check. (-_-)B Grrrr!

  • Stopped clocks, etc.

  • I’ve heard some anecdotes that indicate that, increasingly, the best way to get off if you are charged with a jailable offence is to give the impression that your situation is so dire that jail would be an improvement on your standard of living. (I think I heard a case somewhere inthe south where a guy got let off for some fairly serious crime so that the state wouldn’t have to pay the bill for keeping the cancer from killing him.)

  • It’s really not. It’s really only marginally easier to restrict competition with the power of the state on one’s side.

    If the power of the state remains strictly agnostic, you can just murder your competition. That’s only slightly harder.

  • Intellectual property? Taxi licensing? The minimum wage?
    And those are only ones I can think of at the top of my head. The latter two, of course, apply to laborers, not employers.

  • c2t2

    What a creative and non-destructive coping mechanism!

    For what it’s worth, you have my permission to xerox my soul whenever you need a risk-free chat with someone who gets it. I’ve lived with the urge to throw myself in front of a train since early childhood, and am no stranger to the good and bad of the mental health system. I’ve been locked up more than once for being depressed/nuts.

    Like I said, even if you make a rational decision not to trust anyone, you’re not completely alone.

  • Turcano

    Wait, you think anti-competitive behavior is murder and robbery? That’s the the most absurd definition of the concept ever. Most people would include monopoly, price fixing, dumping, things like that. There is almost no way to stop these things if the government doesn’t.

  • I’m more concerned about the implicit endorsement of that toxic theology/ideology. He’d be better off paying for a shelter for abused spouses and children if he’s going to tell people to be Quiverfull.

  • ngotts

    That’s because you’ve got your eyes closed, and a bag over your head.

  • Nonsense.

  • ngotts

    You could substitute that one word for your every comment without loss.

  • ngotts

    Yes, what could possibly go wrong if taxis are unlicensed. I mean, there’s no risk at all in getting into a vehicle with a total stranger who no-one knows is presenting themselves as a taxi-driver, is there?