7 years ago: Getting ugly

May 3, 2006, on this blog: Getting ugly

The town decided to open a day laborer center — a place where those seeking work could gather to meet prospective bosses and where they could also find help with things like ESL classes.

This idea, evidently, strikes many native-born nativists as nefarious and horrifying. After all, if these people are so desperate to find work and to learn English it must mean that right now, they’re unemployed and can’t speak English. Why should taxpayer money be used to help such deadbeat foreigners?

Tony Perkins believes that such a day-laborer center is — get this — un-Christian.Perkins assumes that all immigrant day laborers — and possibly all people with Hispanic surnames — are illegal until proven innocent. And he is downright gleeful to see that the mayor and members of town council who supported the center were voted out by an anti-immigrant backlash.

"Somewhere in the next world, Granny Weatherwax is smiling."

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The church of rock and roll
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  • Baby_Raptor

    During my teen years, I worked at a Wendy’s in Texas. My Mexican coworkers would ask those of us still in school to bring one of our schoolbooks, usually our English or Government books, to work with us so they could read them. They would ask us to explain words or concepts that they didn’t get.

    I’d be standing in the drive-thru making drinks, and then I’d have a book in my face and hear “What does this word mean? Do you happen to know it in Spanish?”

    I thought it was a little weird at the time, but I went along with it because a manager pulled me aside and explained that it was a huge help to them.

  • http://algol.wordpress.com/ SororAyin

    Guess what, Baby_Raptor? You’re pretty awesome. And the manager was pretty awesome for letting them work on their English skills during work.

  • Fanraeth

    Evil Tony Perkins is evil.