‘We all have a duty to prove them wrong’

“In a Society that sees love and kindness as a sick weakness, we all have a duty to prove them wrong.”

“Any­time some­one encore­ages you to not investigate, to not dig deeper, to not seek out the truth, that’s a sure sign they’re hid­ing some­thing and that the only means they have for retain­ing their power is to con­vince you to not question that power.”

All arguments … leak.”

“While I certainly agree that many Christians have been misinformed by wrong-headed and even deceitful Christian mouthpieces, I think there comes a point that every individual needs to take responsibility for what information they accept as factual and solid.”

They could prove they were right, if they were right, and become rich in the process. But instead they ask for donations and bilk the gullible.”

“Young-earth creationism got to me in a bad way in my teens when I foolishly accepted its claims without sufficient fact-checking. It gets to me now in a different way, causing me frustration and dismay as they promote lies in the name of Christianity and distract from the core message of the Christian faith.”

“Colbert attempts to extricate what he sees as the essential message of Christianity from the piles of intellectual rot and political carpet bags that have been piled on and around it in the last 10 years.”

“It’s exactly like when your boss asks you, ‘How do you feel about working here?’ Under no circumstances would you say how you actually feel working there.”

“The evangelical normalization of conversionist discourse as a criterion of religiosity directly construed society as secular even before there were any secularists in the modern sense of that term.”

“It took about 10 rowers to haul the waterlogged head from the river near the Poughkeepsie college’s boat dock.” (via)

“Did you know that Frosty Westering, who had 32 seasons at Pacific Lutheran without a losing record in any, who never mentioned playoffs or titles to his players but won four national championships and four runner-up finishes on two levels, died at 85 surrounded by his considerable family? Please know. Please, please know.”

“I do not consider my decision to back Richard Nixon … one of my finer ones.”

“I’m thinking when this guy goes fishing he will only fish after some sonar finds the fish.”

The Scripture is clear.”

“An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws.”

“Is your story nice and juicy? / Say a prayer

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘Monster of Hell'”


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‘That’s why we are here’
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‘That’s why we are here’
"I read that in his voice."

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  • Isabel C.

    Yep. When I worked in the flower shop, Back When, there was an unofficial ten-to-fifteen percent asshole charge. It really *wasn’t* an extra charge: it was just that we did exactly what we were supposed to charged exactly what we were supposed to for each individual flower instead of bundling things together or giving a discount because we were getting new ones in the next day or throwing in a slightly fancier wrapping job because what the hell, the materials don’t cost anything and it’s a slow day.

    Our logic, such as we expressed it, was that if you wanted to go by the strict customer/clerk relationship where you don’t see us as human beings, fine. That means we’re not human beings with you, and giving you a break is a very human thing to do.

  • The BCow

    Thank you for posting the article on Frosty. Even as an alum of PLU’s big rival, Linfield, I respected the hell out of him and the way he ran his program and taught his players. He was one of the things that makes small college sports such a joy and should be remembered.

  • I find a smile and “Not today. Thank You” breaks off the request handily.

  • Alix

    Well, yeah. My point was just that the requests tend to be phrased in a way that really ratchets up social anxiety, not that that’s an excuse to be rude.

    And people (usually) don’t keep pushing after you say no. But the questions themselves are often phrased in a very judgmental manner, which tends to make me feel like an ass no matter how nicely I say no.