7 years ago: Origen of Love

May 10, 2006, on this blog: Origen of Love

People come with physical bodies and those physical bodies come with genitalia and it’s neither helpful nor healthy to start thinking that these things are, in and of themselves, evil.

"Yeah, blokes like that are distressingly common. It's almost amusing when some uninformed f-wit nods ..."

We are being governed by fools
"Oh, MG, that is unfair. Don't do him down- he's also an antisemite."

We are being governed by fools
"What rigged debates and primaries?"

We are being governed by fools
"And now we've just had a Hispanic man with a disability fatally shot by the ..."

We are being governed by fools

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  • Nick

    The problem with the story of Origen’s self-castration was that it only shows up in the writings of his enemies.

  • http://twitter.com/shutsumon Space Marine Becka

    And he argued against a literal understanding of Matthew 19:12 so it seems unlikely.

  • mhelbert

    Add a healthy helping of Victorianism and, voila, Freud.

  • The Guest Who Posts

    I never read this post when you first posted it.

    The title is *brilliant*.