Scenes from the class war

“Not paying a just (wage), not providing work, focusing exclusively on the balance books, on financial statements, only looking at making personal profit. That goes against God!

Who d’you think made your clothes?

We are human. We want respect and dignity; that’s our demand.”

Weekly wages for women in the restaurant industry are on average about $36 less than men’s, and women of color in the restaurant industry earn on average $4.50 per hour less than other workers.”

“One worker noted that while losing work is hard, losing one’s health is harder.”

“This relatively new gap between employment and productivity will only exacerbate the old gap between income and productivity unless we begin to think and act outside that box on ways to achieve full employment.”

“Perhaps the poor attendance at a hearing dealing with unemployment shouldn’t be a surprise, given the general lack of focus from members of Congress on unemployment since the end of the recession.”

“What possible excuse can they be offering for such a direct tradeoff between lower taxes on the well-off and higher taxes on the middle class?”

“The goal was pursued through public policy, private action, and open terrorism. The goal was accomplished.”

Here’s the thing with credit histories: it’s easy to fall behind on your bills when you don’t have a job.”

“Our nation somehow managed to survive over two centuries without any federal police and fire department spending. Perhaps the sequester can help remind local governments of this fact.”

“‘We need to eat our poison to make up for how much cake we had before‘ is the austerian argument, more accurately put.”

“[Rep. Stephen] Fincher’s $70,000 farm subsidy haul in 2012 dwarfs the average 2012 SNAP benefit in Tennessee of $1,586.40, and it is nearly double of Tennessee’s median household income.”

“Beyond making life difficult for workers, these practices can also harm the companies themselves.”

“If time is money, then without money, you’re double broke.”

More than 8-in-10 employees (84 percent) report being victims of wage theft over the course of the last year; 66 percent report at least two abuses, 45 percent report at least three, and more than 30 percent of employees (31 percent) report being victims of at least four of these practices.”

I can’t help but feel that something has been lost nonetheless: basic human decency, fundamental accountability — or at least the need to pretend that these quaint notions are relevant.”

There’s a monthly fee of $3.95 just to have the card; loading fees of $2.95 if you re-up with a credit card or $0.75 from a checking account (unless you schedule an automated payment once a month); $1.50 just to take money out of any ATM, plus whatever fees the ATM charges; $0.50 for balance inquiries at ATMs; $7.95 for a replacement card; and $3 for 30 days of inactivity.”

“Last year there were about 240 Republican House members. A grand total of one (1) supported a carbon tax. For this, he was primaried and lost.”

The World as 100 People


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  • Cathy W

    Supposedly trying to meet Walmart’s price point played a big part in Levi’s a) moving production offshore, and b) buying cheaper denim to make jeans out of. Multiply that by every supplier on Walmart’s garment racks… and Walmart may also be driving the Grocery Shrinkification Ray.

  • I don’t either.

  • Turcano

    So, did they offer “wood-panel carpeting?”

  • Not strictly class war, but I had to share the pain.

    Fox News praises big oil and demands you do it too.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

    Unsurprising. These days anyone who isn’t an active serial killer is worth more to society than bankers.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

    A related aspect of control has to do with ensuring owner/CEO power is at a maximum in relation to employees.

    Sometimes I think a lot of businesses are doing a slow-mo version of the Zimbardo Experiment on their employees.

  • Consumer Unit 5012

    The rule of thumb I’ve heard is that a headline asks a question, the answer to that question is “no”.