4 years ago: Tony Perkins’ genital politics

June 15, 2009, on this blog: Tony Perkins’ genital politics

Tony Perkins’ position does not logically flow from his alleged premise of rights for the unborn. That premise does not and cannot carry him to the place at which he has arrived. So how did he get there?

I think it’s safe to assume that this is where he has arrived because this is where he always intended to go. Tony Perkins opposes gender integration and women’s empowerment. He opposes protecting the rights of women and he opposes women having any right to reproductive health care. He claims that he opposes all of these things based on his opposition to abortion, but that train won’t get him there. He got there all on his own. Concern for the rights of the unborn had nothing to do with it.

"And he has blamed victims of genocide for their own murders before now too."

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  • Zornorph

    Have you given up on Left Behind? Two weeks and no love? :(

  • Elizabeth Coleman

    Meh. He doesn’t owe us. I’m amazed he’s managed to make it through 2+ books already.

  • SisterCoyote

    He mentioned in GOT that the post had come out of a Tangent from Left Behind. But he’s also got a new job, which can be pretty time-consuming and tiring. I’m cool with waiting a while longer.

  • Reading and analyzing and writing about a book — let alone a series — that’s morally repugnant and terribly written is very difficult. Especially when there isn’t a lot of humor to be found in it. I gave up trying with Twilight and that’s not even as bad as LB.

    Last week was Fred’s birthday, too.

  • MaryKaye

    Also the books seem to be getting exponentially more boring. Book 1 wasn’t good, but it had some dramatic bits (I saw the movie version of the rapture-from-airplane scene and it was actually effective). But nothing is happening in Book 3. The authors have a real knack for making even topics like WWIII dull.

  • Zornorph

    Oh, I don’t mean to suggest he does. Just letting him know he’s missed by his fans.

  • Monala

    Congratulations to Fred! And boy, does he deserve a break from LB!

  • reynard61

    “The authors have a real knack for making even topics like WWIII dull.”

    Oh, this! *SO* this…