Postcards from the culture wars

Christ could throw a punch.”

“Unquestionably, Big Mountain Jesus is a religious symbol commonly associated with one form of religion.”

“Life is difficult enough for most people without having a gaggle of pampered nags shouting, ‘You’re not doing it right!’

“It seems the Catholic bishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, has been paying for insurance for some of his employees that covers abortions and contraceptives.”

“Conservative frequently treat the Constitution the same way they treat the Bible. They want to prooftext, and it you can’t prooftext then it’s not in the document.”

The people the Republicans should reach out to are the white votes.”

“I’m going to be real honest with you — the Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote.”

Don’t excuse or minimize this behavior; don’t remind me that you don’t participate; don’t play the ‘what about the men’ card.”

“The next time you hear that I am upset for how I was treated on the street, don’t just offer up words that say it’s okay. Get angry like I am and vow to help change our society.”

“This translates to 20 percent of homeless women citing domestic violence as the primary reason for homelessness, according to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.”

“I would like to offer Ross a brief guide to the ways in which women and their vaginas are not like cars and laptops.”

“The misogynist longing for female death isn’t even really subtextual at this point, but right there on the surface. And if you won’t choose death, well, they’ll choose it for you.”

I’m sad that she doesn’t understand.”

“How, pray tell, is allowing low-income women of color non-judgmental access to birth control more dangerous than a group of terrorists who would burn a cross on my lawn?”

“And that is the face of the pro-life movement, folks …”

We don’t need more women as CEOs.”

“Complementarians put women into a mold they were never obligated to fill.”

If I’m a vegetarian and I eat 2,000 hamburgers in the name of vegetarianism, I’m still not a ‘vegetarian extremist,’ because I just did something that’s against the whole concept of being a vegetarian.”

It hurts.”

“Now shut up and post up, sinner.”



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  • reynard61

    “The winner-takes-all election system just isn’t stable at more than two parties. Multiple parties would be a temporary solution; the smallest ones will disappear until there are two left(…)”

    That kind of makes it sound like both parties are Sith:

    Yoda: “Always two there are….no more…no less. A master and an apprentice.”

  • reynard61

    After all, who’s the last Teabagger that you can name who actually ran under the “Tea Party” banner rather than the Republican Party’s?

    That’s the thing that pisses me off most about Ted “I don’t trust the Republicans!” Cruz. If you don’t trust them, then *WHY THE HELL DID YOU RUN AS ONE?!?!?!* Oh! That’s right! They were willing to *give you money!* Sleazy bastard…

  • Lorehead

    No, not really. Even then, the Senate was a bad idea that the delegates reluctantly agreed to in order to get the small states to sign on. And the apportionment of the House and the Electoral College was a means of giving slaveowners extra representation without their having to let black people vote. In fact, the presidential election rules aren’t even the ones in the original Constitution, which broke down spectacularly in 1800. The Founders thought political parties would be bad for the country, but wrote an electoral system that was guaranteed to produce them mainly because they had no experience or examples of how it would work in practice.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I did not. Other than this incident, Dear Boyfriend has been quite amazing.

    We did go through a small break-up recently, instigated by him saying he needed a break, and one of the things that we discussed in light of his deciding he wanted to reconcile was this situation. I told him bluntly that it had caused some damage, but since he was willing to actually reconsider his opinion and the entire concept, I had dropped it and let him do his thinking.

    So he knows his actions caused a wall to go up. Other than that, all I can do is let his common sense eventually take it’s course.

    The rapist was a close friend of his, and is still a distant part of our general social circle. I don’t doubt that this is part of Boyfriend’s confusion on the matter.

    Edit for clarity: This is an online social circle. I’m in Arkansas, Boyfriend is in New York, the guy in question is in Montana. And various other people elsewhere around the US. The fact that the guy is in Montana and won’t be back here again is one of the core reasons that I’m comfortable still having him around.

  • Lorehead

    This one, I’ll actually give him. You need to run in some party’s primary to get on the general-election ballot, and once elected, you answer to your constituents, not the leaders of your party. If Elizabeth Warren said something about how Harry Reid is too willing to cave on filibuster reform, would we object?

  • Lorehead

    What I do think Ted Cruz is wrong about is his nihilism. He doesn’t make deals. If other people try to make deals, he does his best to obstruct them. It really is the opposite of what his country needs in a senator right now.

  • Amtep

    I’d like to point you to in case you haven’t seen it already. It’s looooongg but there are some great comments in there (especially elodieunderglass’s story) and it’s specifically about what to do if there’s a sexual predator in your social circle and your boyfriend is not supporting you. I hope it can help.

  • David S.

    It’s strictly counterfactual to claim that to claim that relative to American politics that either the Republican party or Democratic party are extreme parties. Even if we move the goalposts as you say, I doubt you’ll actually find any positions that they advocate or support are all that extreme.

  • themunck

    I dunno, I’d say the republicans view on things like the minimum wage and women’s reproductive rights are looking more and more extreme day for day. Then again, I cannot accept “relative to American politics” as valid. All that proves is that the extremism has festered.

  • Matri

    Genuinely curious here, but which part was it?

    Because it really sounds awesome, and I have no recollection of ever reading anything vaguely similar-like to that.

  • Matthew 21:19. But Mark 11:14, off which it is based on, does not say the tree fucked off. The story is a metaphor for the Jewish people’s inability to bear the fruits of the Spirit.

  • LoneWolf343

    Well, I was using a colorful description. What really happened is that Jesus once found a fig tree that wasn’t bearing fruit, so He cursed it. He and His disciples passed it, and saw that the tree had withered.

  • reynard61

    “You need to run in some party’s primary to get on the general-election ballot, and once elected, you answer to your constituents, not the leaders of your party.”

    As House Whisperer John Boehner seems to be finding out these days… (Though I’m not entirely convinced that all those Teabaggers — especially the ones from gerrymandered districts — are actually voting the will of their constituents. I’m more and more convinced that they’re just voting their personal ideologies and *calling* it “the will of their constituents” rather than their actual will and using the current intra-party disarray as either an excuse or camouflage.)

    “If Elizabeth Warren said something about how Harry Reid is too willing to cave on filibuster reform, would we object?”

    It would probably depend on *what* she said. (I, for one, would not object if she called out Reid on his cowardice in regards to that issue, but I most certainly *would* object if she suddenly denounced the Democratic Party and started blocking legislation just because she felt like it.)

  • Jamoche

    And shrinking the contents by 10% while still charging the same amount.

  • Drow

    Dear lord, the comments on the second-last link…you’d think fifteen years on the internet would have trained me to know better. Though I guess it wouldn’t be a culture war if there weren’t two sides, even if it’s one side noting and demonstrating that ordinary Muslims face an exhausting and painful amount of undeserving prejudice and hate for the actions of a small yet exaggerated number of completely unrelated people elsewhere in the world, and the other side simply screaming “SHUT UP!” as loudly as possible.

    There needs to be a stronger expression than “missing the point.” I tried to come up with one, but there are only so many curses in the English language.

  • Madhabmatics

    Yo was I right about how messed up this dude is or was I right