9 years ago: Just say whoa

July 11, 2004, on this blog: Just say whoa

A Delaware college student ate a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms and drove around in a pair of stolen cars before arriving, confused, on a mountain in northwest Connecticut police said.

Paul Cunningham, 21, hiked to a nearby home Thursday night and asked to call 911, police said.

“I think I stole a car,” Cunningham told a dispatcher. “I’m not sure.”

Police said Cunningham, of Dover, Del., confessed that eating an entire bag of mushrooms, “probably wasn’t a good idea.” He allegedly told investigators that he had no idea how many laws he broke during a three-day excursion that took him 300 miles from home. …

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LBCF, No. 152: ‘In these shoes?’

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  • http://www.oliviareviews.com/ PepperjackCandy

    I cannot find any evidence whether Fred’s prediction of community service was accurate or not. The most recent statement I can find on the story says that Cunningham was held on $2,500 bail.

  • http://apocalypsereview.wordpress.com/ Invisible Neutrino

    As near as I can tell the case never even went to court. I’ve been checking court verdicts and nothing turns up. DA must have dropped the charges after his well-off mommy and daddy hired a good lawyer.

    EDIT: Apparently, guilty pleas are not recorded as verdicts in the Delaware system.

    EDIT 2: The District Court apparently hears civil cases only.

    EDIT 3: Most of the search sites I find seem to be for searching civil judgements. Boo.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    That’s a cross between News of the Weird and a Cheech & Chong movie.