7 years ago: IVF hypocrisy 2.0

August 24, 2006, on this blog: IVF hypocrisy 2.0

You can approve of both embryonic stem-cell research and IVF clinics, or you can disapprove of both. But you cannot, as President Bush does, condemn the former while embracing the latter. The logic of Bush’s YMOTHF* argument against stem-cell research demands an even stronger opposition to fertility clinics. The logic of Bush’s sanguine acceptance of fertility clinics demands an even stronger affirmation of embryonic stem-cell research.

* “Youngest Members of the Human Family”

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Smart people saying smart things (1.19)
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Smart people saying smart things (1.19)
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Smart people saying smart things (1.19)
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Smart people saying smart things (1.19)

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  • Hexep

    Well, you can if you’re a hypocrite.