7 things @ 9 o’clock (9.4)

1. “The International House of Prayer (IHOP), a New Apostolic Reformation ministry in Kansas City, Missouri, now has a ministry devoted to the workplace,” the Republic of Gilead reports. “The Joseph Company encourages believers to ‘make an impact for Jesus’ in the sphere of society in which they work.”

When these folks talk about making “an impact for Jesus,” they tend to mean it the way Constantine did. That name — “Joseph Company” — tells you all you need to know about IHOP. They’re faithful servants of Pharaoh, his loyal right-hand man, working hard to consolidate all power under his imperial throne to fulfill their ideal of “dominion” over all the seven pyramids. (Haven’t these people ever read the story of Joseph? It’s not a how-to manual, it’s the set-up for Exodus.)

2. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since Al Mohler set back Southern Baptist theological education by 60 years in the Great Purge when he took over as Southern’s seminary president. It was the academic equivalent of one of those Florida Marlins fire sales, except instead of unloading salary, Mohler was unloading credibility. Still, what remains a shameful debacle for Southern Baptists turned out to be a blessing for theology students all over the country, as nearly all of the supposedly apostate professors Mohler purged at Southern have gone on to great success, making impressive contributions elsewhere by doing the sort of work that Mohler would not allow and that he has worked hard to ensure no Southern Baptist is capable of.

3. Art Pope is a jerk. Art Pope is a jackwagon.

Yes, it’s sad to be reduced to name-calling. But, alas, Pope’s money insulates him from all other forms of accountability — political, legal, civil, moral, religious, cultural. And thus the only remaining check against the unchecked power of someone like Art Pope is ridicule and name-calling. There’s no way for the people of North Carolina to stop him from ruling their state like a monarch and from turning their democracy into a Pope-ocracy. All that is left is to try to make him a punchline and an object of universal scorn.

So, then. Ahem. Art Pope is a jerk, a complete kneebiter.

4. Our friend Mark Kessler, the “chief” of the one-man police force of Gilberton, Pa., has now been suspended indefinitely due to those violent, profane, racist YouTube videos he keeps posting in which he threatens to kill “libtards” and overthrow the government. Kessler remains a member of the local school board, however, still helping to shape the education of Gilberton’s children.

5. Here’s a depressing follow-up on an earlier piece of Good News. Remember “Operation Cross Country” — the massive FBI sting that “rescued 105 youth and arrested 150 pimps for prostitution in 76 cities”? Turns out that in many of those cases, being “rescued” involved getting handcuffed and arrested. Liberation: UR doing it wrong.

6. People laughed, assuming it was just a prank, when a monument to one of H.P. Lovecraft’s Old Ones appeared outside of an Oklahoma City restaurant. “In the Year of Our Lord 2012 Creer Pipi claimed this land for Azathoth,” the monument reads. I laughed too — until I learned that unkillable blood worms were infecting Oklahoma’s water supply. “You can take the worms out of the filter system and put them in a straight cup of bleach and leave them in there for about four hours, and they still won’t die.” Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn ...

7. Here’s an update on those blog-list tabs above: The Christian QUILTBlogs list includes 114 blogs. The Mosaic lists 242 blogs by Christians of color. And the Bonfire is spreading out of control. It now lists 2,031 blogs written by Christian women.



"Of course no evidence of Trump commiting a crime. Oops."

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  • The Republicans I know have no interest in getting homeless voters to the polls or providing them with photo IDs.

    I’m shocked, you actually admit Republicans favor a lower voter turnout.

    I do believe I felt a sudden waft of cold arise up from the floor.

  • banancat

    In a way, I’m on board with the hotel residence because it can empower people who have lost their homes and are on the border of homelessness. Somehow I doubt this rule is applied consistently in the favor of disenfranchised people though.

  • Amaryllis

    Rosh HaShanah never comes at the right time;
    It is always too early or too late.
    Who can remember exactly when
    The wheels of our Jewish year
    Intersect the cycles of secular time
    And interrupt our worldly life?

    Rosh HaShanah never comes at the right time;
    Sneaking in right at the end of summer
    After vacation and as school begins,
    Or hanging around in the background
    Only to arrive just after our autumnal schedule has been set.

    Rosh HaShanah always comes before we are ready
    To put aside our past and lay our burdens down.
    There is always something else to do:
    Another job, another client, laundry to fold, a room to paint.
    Rosh HaShanah always catches us by surprise.
    Showing up with a Shofar blast
    And a chorus of angels proclaiming,
    “Hinei Yom HaDin! ”
    “The New Year is here – Judgment Day has arrived.”
    An unexpected summons,
    Like being called to the principal’s office
    Or an audit from the IRS.

    So we stop, turn and listen
    To the arresting voice within and around us
    And gather together and pray
    For peace and for blessings.

    – Lewis Eron

    L’Shana Tova to all who are celebrating.

  • P J Evans

    When I moved back to CA from Texas, I only had to do that much,. And because I’d been out of CA for less than 5 years, I got my same license number back (which I really hadn’t expected). (Texas required that I have TX car insurance before I could get a Texas license.)

  • Turcano

    One question that I would like to see answered is whether Al Mohler was one of the original members of the 1964 GOP anti-Communist caucus or just one of their hatchet-men.

  • reynard61

    Just in case no one’s said it yet: “Bloodworms for the Bloodworm god!!!”

  • AnonaMiss

    1. A disenfranchising voter ID law which is later overturned may still be strategically useful to pass. Overturning a law takes much longer than enacting one, which is why the pre-clearance part of the VRA was so important.

    2. http://www.ncsl.org/legislatures-elections/elections/voter-id.aspx

    Georgia has a free option which is valid for voting only. On Indiana I defer to Andrea.

    http://www.dmv.com/ks/kansas/apply-id-card – Kansas photo ID costs $18 ($14 for seniors & disabled).

    http://www.tn.gov/safety/driverlicense/dllicensefees.shtml Tennessee photo ID costs $9.50

  • Kagi Soracia

    1) Thank you for calling out IHOP and it’s ideology – I know personally a number of people who were involved in it’s inception, some who are still there, and many of my siblings have been through it’s various ‘discipleship’ programs. My family has been involved with the church that birthed it for a long time and that ministry in particular from the ground up. My father ran the associated Topeka House of Prayer for a number of years, as well. It’s toxic, all of it. I hate everything it stands for.

    7) I’m not entirely sure what your criteria are for your blogroll lists, but if you’re just collecting any and all you’re welcome to add mine if you like; I’m a gay christianish liberal woman from the midwest, and a recovering homeschooler.

  • So how EXACTLY do you propose valid IDs for people without valid addresses?

  • Can we stop this? The whole equating “holding positions I don’t like” with “needs medical care”.

    Because I know plenty of people with mental illness who hold political positions I DO like, and I don’t think they’re just exceptional or something. They are people who reason, and they used their reasoning to reach the same conclusions I have. Just as aunursa is a person who reasons, and has reached the opposite conclusions.

    You can feel zie is a jackwagon devoid of empathy and compassion, you can feel that zie’s an idiot, or a self serving lying toad, but zie’s mental health state is irrelevant.

  • Because they’re not land-holding men.

    Well, that might actually be more truth than satire. In the 2008 election in Michigan and Ohio, the Republican party tried to argue that anyone who’d had a foreclosure wasn’t an eligible citizen of the state and should not be permitted to vote.

    (This is actually illegal as hell, but hey, Republicans.)

  • Magical bootstraps, on sale from your friendly Republican politician for $19.99 in six convenient monthly payments.

  • (1586 / 13600000) * 100 = 0.01166%

    Do you know how small 0.01% is? Literally? Grab yourself ten thousand bucks and then take one dollar out of it.

    That is 0.01%.

  • Ahab

    Heh heh. Who knew that Khorne’s portfolio included parasites?

  • Consumer Unit 5012

    HotAir, which cited the article I linked above, is a conservative website founded by Michelle Malkin and linked to Townhall.com. Its Editor-at-large is a frequent conservative guest on Fox News.</i"

    Thank you for the warning. I'll be sure to assume everything they print is pure, 100% weapons-grade bullshit unless proven otherwise by at least three other sources.

  • Steve Buchheit

    “a complete kneebiter.” I saw what you did there.