Shanah Tovah

(Wish I’d known about Shalom Sesame back in seminary. I could’ve used Grover’s help.)

"Anything that restricts really rich people from getting even richer - anything at all, no ..."

Queen bees and the Bible
"I've said many times that if celery tasted like bacon, and broccoli tasted like prime ..."

Queen bees and the Bible
"Not me.I will be off this one for a few hours, too. Good luck."

Queen bees and the Bible
"There's a scene in Neuromancer where Case loses his appetite while on a space station, ..."

Queen bees and the Bible

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  • Lori

    PBS did a very interesting documentary a few years back about the versions of Seasame Street produced in other countries, including characters specific to those shows.

    Well worth checking out for fans of Grover and the rest of the gang.

  • Wednesday

    Have a sweet New Year, Fred (and everyone else)!

    Since I’ve spent the vast majority of my life governed by the academic calendar, Rosh Hashana has for a long time felt more like a proper start of a new year than the Gregorian calendar New Year.

  • urbicande

    A sweet, happy, healthy and prosperous year to you and yours.