10 years ago: Free your mind

October 27, 2003, here on slacktivist: Free your mind

Wheaton — the alma mater of Billy Graham and Wes Craven — is a flagship institution in the little world of evangelicaldom. What happens at Wheaton will have a ripple effect, spurring change at places like Messiah and dozens of other such colleges across the country.

“It makes us seem less like a subculture in our own little world,” sophomore Julia Stampfl said of the new policy.

Exactly. Which is a Good Thing. And dancing is, itself, a Good Thing, so I encourage Julia and the rest of the folks there at Wheaton to get out on the dance floor and shake that student body.

A wise philosopher (George Clinton) once said, “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” Here’s hoping that works the other way around as well.

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  • Antigone10

    Because I have to be at least 2 decades your junior, I looked at the quote and thought “No, the line is ‘Free your mind and the rest will follow’”. Then I googled it, and realized that “Nope, different artist, different song”. En Vogue is still pretty good, though.

  • stardreamer42

    Just out of curiosity, did those predictions come to pass? Did more schools follow the example of Wheaton and lift the ban on dancing? And are they more or less like little sub-cultures in their own little world now?