7 things @ 9 o’clock (11.14)

1. “There is no one correct way of reading the Bible,” Dr. Guy Nave writes. That’s certainly true. But he also notes that there’s far more than one incorrect way of reading the Bible.

2. So I’m reading this John Shore post about Bob Jones University’s special series of anti-gay chapel services, and it leads me to wondering whatever did happen to Bob Jones IV?

I found the surprising answer in the Marvel Universe Wiki: “Little is known about his past before he was altered by the American Purity Foundation into Captain Rectitude. His biological drives were sublimated into an anti-smut instinct making him speak and act quite oddly …”

I never read Sensational She-Hulk. Maybe I should start.

3. “Iowa Imam in Sex Assault Case Says His Religious Freedom Is Being Violated.” I’d like to think this strange case would spark a bit of cognitive dissonance among the Christianists currently trying to redefine “religious liberty” as the right to be exempt from any laws they’d prefer to be exempt from. But, alas, that won’t happen. The Christianist bishops, activists and pseudo-intellectuals championing this redefinition of religious liberty won’t see that because, in their view, religious liberty only applies to Christianists like themselves, and not to Muslims.

4. This, right here, is Old School: “San Joaquin deputies: Father, son kidnapped mother for exorcism.” Forget about demonic voices, levitation, spinning heads and all that Hollywood nonsense. This is what exorcism has always been for — keeping unruly women in line. If the exorcism doesn’t work, well, you know what that means: She’s a witch!

5. General rule-of-thumb in American politics and public opinion: If you’re resorting to grotesque giant puppets, your side probably isn’t winning.

6.David Barton & Kenneth Copeland: Soldiers should not suffer from PTSD, according to the Bible“:

“Any of you suffering from PTSD right now, you listen to me,” Copeland said as Barton affirmed him. ”You get rid of that right now. You don’t take drugs to get rid of it. It doesn’t take psychology. That promise right there will get rid of it.”

Copeland & Barton are telling soldiers with PTSD that their real problem is lack of faith — a failure to “name it and claim it.” That’s abuse. That’s pastoral malpractice. Barton and Copeland are like anti-pastors.

7. Katherine Stewart: “Government shutdown just the start for America’s biblical revolutionaries

The facts have never stood in the way of [David] Barton’s “history”, because the history merely serves as a platform for more ambitious goals.

Barton’s political agenda couldn’t be clearer. The organization he founded, Wallbuilders, holds the idea that church-state separation is a myth as its chief talking point. Barton also launched the Black Robe Regiment, an association of clergy members and “concerned patriots” whose goal is to establish “the American Church” as “overseer of all principalities and governing officials, as was rightfully established long ago.”

… If Barton were some out-in-the-woods extremist, we could appreciate him as a colorful detail in the diverse and vibrant landscape of American religion. But he is on a first-name basis with Newt Gingrich, Rand Paul,Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, and Michele Bachmann.


  • Tom Giacondra

    “With the only correct knowledge”…interesting statement. Idiotic, but interesting never the less.

    When your mother gave birth to you, was she correct when she thought, Im going to have a baby?
    Was the doctor correct when they thought “she’s going to have a baby.”.
    Was the nurse correct as she prepped your mother for delivery?
    Were you born?

    There was only one true outcome, if any one person had some other opinion in that room…they were wrong.

    So it is with the Bible it tells a single consistent story, from beginning to end…there are no multiple interpretations, only correct and incorrect interpretations. Anyone who has an interpretation that results in a contradiction in the bible, clearly has the wrong interpretation, anyone who has an interpretation thatvrequires them to ignore a section of the bible…again has a wrong interpretation. Only one terpretation is in complete harmony…only one.

  • http://anonsam.wordpress.com/ AnonymousSam

    So Tom, tell me, which of the 41,000 Christian denominations is the one true faith?

  • Tom Giacondra

    Who says its a denomination at all?

    Catholicism..works theology, and transubstantiation..devalues Christ’s sacrifice
    Mormonism…Jesus is a spirit brother to Lucifer…completely invented theology.
    Oneness theology…God isnt all knowing.
    Charismatic theology…values man, and spotlights man, teaches bible isnt finished revelation, as it claims. Man must finish it.

    Most of the rest vary in small ways that are of no consequence to the sovereignty/diety of God. But those like False Freddy who prop up things the Bible is clear on, (Murder of babies, Homosexuality, sufficiency of scripture) arent of Christ at all…but of their father satan.

  • http://anonsam.wordpress.com/ AnonymousSam

    So what you’re saying is that of the billions of people who call themselves Christians, only a tiny fraction of them actually are and the rest are Satanists.

  • Tom Giacondra

    Can you quote me where I said that?

  • Baby_Raptor

    How is it an idiotic statement? Other than because you disagree with it, I mean.

    There is no way to get “complete harmony” out of the bible. Even the 4 Gospels contradict themselves when telling the story of the life of Christ.

    And even if there was only one correct interpretation of the book, your insisting that said interpretation exists does not mean that you have it. Either prove that you have the One True Interpretation or stop slandering others because they disagree with you.

  • Baby_Raptor

    The definition of the word denomination does. As do the authorities that decide what a denomination is. I’m sorry neither of those agree with your fantasy land, but that’s how reality works.

  • Baby_Raptor

    That’s actually a pretty common fundie claim. Only the people who agree with their exact specifications have the One Truth. Everyone else is deceived (or Liberal.)

  • Tom Giacondra

    You dont have ears to hear, so you wont hear it if I told you, so the bible says Id be casting my pearls before swine…

  • Tom Giacondra

    Babbling is the first sign of demonic influence.

  • Dragoness Eclectic

    In my old church, the out-of-character tithing sermons popped up whenever the governing board figured out that income and outgo were going to be seriously mismatched this year, and not in a good way…

    Our pastor at least had the grace to be embarrassed to be preaching such sermons.

  • Jenny Islander

    For “deceived” or “Liberal” put in “satanist,” “false,” etc., etc., etc., and it’s all over the place in your posts. Baby Raptor was actually being too kind by using the word “deceived.”

    What exactly set you off in the first place anyway? Can you even put it into words, or was it a general freakout over seeing a site full of Christians who don’t do exactly what you do and nevertheless manage to exist? In case you hadn’t gathered what a lot of us here have been trying to tell you, “Christianity is true, but this particular thing I am writing about here that claims a Christian label is false and should stop” IS NOT THE SAME AS “Hooooo hahahahahaaaa, I am False Freddy and I am here to lead you to SATANNNNN.” Also, threats are not love, insults are not evangelism, and repeated blanket pronouncements are not convincing.

  • Tom Giacondra

    You got a lot to say for someone Im not having a conversation with…do you always feel the world revolves around you?

  • Jenny Islander

    If you want to have a private conversation with someone, choose a private channel. You are posting in a public forum.

    Honestly, “I wasn’t talking to you” is used so often we ought to put it on a bingo card or something.

    Again, my question was, “What exactly set you off?” Don’t just throw another handful of scare words. Be specific.

  • Tom Giacondra

    Jenny my, my, you ARE a pompous ass aren’t you. LMAO.
    YOU intrude on MY conversation uninvited, then feel ITS YOUR DUTY, NO YOUR SELF APPOINTED POWER to tell me what I can and cannot do…you have zero power over me…in fact your pretty much MY tool right now…I have so much influence over you, you cant control your desire to respond…you seek a power trip…but don’t realize I have total control over you. I can get you to comment at will…LOL