And all his works and pomps

According to the National Center for Reason and Justice, Francis Keller has been released from a Texas prison.

Since 1993, Keller has been serving a 48-year sentence for a crime that she did not commit. Worse than that, she has spent the past 20 years in prison for a crime that never happened.

Fran Keller

Fran and Dan Keller ran a child-care center in Oak Hill, Texas. They were accused, and convicted, of Satanic ritual abuse. We know they were innocent of this charge because:

1. The child they were convicting of abusing, who was then 3 years old, has since said that no abuse occurred and that she was repeating the accusations she’d been coached and instructed to deliver.

2. No physical or medical evidence suggests any abuse ever took place and no physical evidence was ever found of the graves in which the Kellers allegedly buried young children alive after baptizing them in blood.

3. Satanic ritual abuse does not exist.

Yet Fran Keller was sent to prison for 20 years because of an imaginary crime committed against non-existent victims.


I can’t believe this was the result of well-meaning people who were just trying to protect children from people they sincerely believed were a threat.

“All I care about, my passion, is helping survivors of child abuse,” says Australian “advocate” Liz Mullinar. But Mullinar also claims to have helped more than 500 people who were victims of Satanic ritual abuse. That story isn’t from 1983 or from 1993. That story is from today, in 2013. And it’s all terribly familiar — the spectral evidence of “recovered memories,” the implication that the lack of evidence of the alleged massive conspiracy of Satanists is somehow proof of their power, etc.

But a “passion” for helping survivors or for protecting children won’t produce the lurid fantasies of grisly, bizarre rituals that we’ve been hearing ever since this moral panic began in the 1980s. Those fantasies in all their horrid detail had to be imagined, invented, disseminated and embellished — and that process doesn’t seem like anything that would arise from a motive of helping survivors or of protecting real children from real dangers.

This isn’t about protecting children or saving babies. It’s just fantasy role-playing — the sensation of imaginary heroism that comes from battling imaginary monsters.

Do you renounce the Satanic baby-killers and all their works and pomps?

No. Nothing good can come from renouncing that which does not exist. Defining oneself in opposition to imaginary evils only leads to real evils and real injustices.


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  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    — Flip Wilson’s Geraldine

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    …for them it’s the choice between being brave heroes fighting the world (with every piece of evidence against them just showing how determined their opponents are) and not only fools but outright villains who’ve traumatised the vulnerable and imprisoned innocents.

    In other words, these Brave Spiritual Warriors Fighting The Vast Satanic Conspiracy are in a Live Role-Playing Game but won’t admit to it. With all the rest of us as their Mobs, Orcs, and Red Shirts.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    Mike Warnke, John Todd, Lauren What’s-her-face…
    All exposed as frauds and/or delusional by Cornerstone.
    (Which only PROVED to their True Believer fanboys that Cornerstone was part of The Vast Satanist Conspiracy…)

  • SororAyin

    Tell me, what am I supposed to do to change rapists, again?
    A .44 should do the trick.

  • Victor

    Nice enjoyable clean song AnonymousSam but don’t short change yourself cause each and every “ONE” of your cells, whether they be male and/or female have the potential to have at least that protection but you must be born again first and…..
    END YA SAY silly gods? BE NICE NOW!
    Go Figure folks. :)

  • Albanaeon

    Glad I didn’t encounter that one. I might not have been able to control the urge to carry a stick and make it not an “unusual” thing to make use of it…

  • Turcano

    Brad Hicks was one of the first people to publicly challenge the validity of SRA stories, and for his troubles, he got harassed by a police officer to the point that he developed genuine pedophobia (and not the kind I claim to have because I don’t like children). Also, he got publicly denounced by Lyndon LaRouche, which is a fair bit funnier.

  • quietglow

    Pretty much. I can’t find it now, but one woman described a sexual encounter in which the man deliberately picked the things she said were off-limits, the first being sex without a condom, and went straight for those. She was able to leave, but her take-away was “some men are rapists.”

    If we were able to unlink sex and domination in pop culture we’d free ourselves from a great deal of bullshit.

  • Mm-hmm. Demonization can be the go-to feelgoodism thing, but it really doesn’t move very far in the direction of understanding how to motivate psychiatric and psychological treatments so as to ultimately curb pedophilia.

  • Well, now that the darknet is becoming a little less “dark”, there’s proof of heavily anonymized websites that deal with this sort of thing.

    Incidentally, it was a source of some incensed ranting back in the ’90s that AOL was very quick to shut down any chat rooms that discussed piracy in any form, but were astonishingly lackadaisical when chat rooms were found in which kiddie-diddlers liked to congregate and discuss their… whatevers.

    So even back in the day there were ways. :-|

  • Jenny Islander

    However, they were not discussing Satanic ritual abuse. Child abusers on those networks discuss a lot of evil things, but they aren’t going “HAIL SATAN” or even code for same.