The memory will multiply

• The amazing Rosetta and Philae mission — landing a robot on a comet half a billion kilometers from Earth — has me thinking of Zefram Cochrane. I mean, even if it bounced, that’s still an impressive achievement. It’s fun to wonder if anyone else may have noticed too.

Glenn Beck offers his own, unique explanation of the “God hates shrimp” dilemma. It involves Nicki Minaj.

• The content of this Christianity Today piece defending seminary education is less significant than the fact that Christianity Today felt the need to publish a piece defending the proposition that theological education might not be altogether harmful. Oy.

• Also at CT, Ruth Moon casts a critical eye on the polling demographic distinction between “white evangelicals” and “Black Protestants.” What Moon and the pollsters she talks to miss here is that “white evangelical” is not a demographic measurement, but a theological category. It’s a white theology shaped by a white hermeneutic of, by and for whiteness. That is its design, its function and its purpose — regardless of how multicultural or ethnically diverse the congregations promoting it may become.

This is a beautiful thing.

• Again, I can’t imagine that the right is going to win any popularity contests with this message:



But that’s the message the right has decided to promote. It’s a bid to capture the pro-buffering vote, I guess.

• “Because the Internet tends toward entropy, this of course ended up with the team tweeting out a jersey with the N-bomb written on it.” That’s Jordan Weissmann on the New England Patriots’ social media mistake of allowing fans unfiltered access to their Twitter feed.

We should note that this Internet “entropy” isn’t random. The downward spiral always leads to the same place: racist, misogynist and homophobic slurs. That’s not really entropy — it’s a concerted attempt to impose order.

Related: Lewis’ Law: “Comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

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