ISO: The artist who drew this wonderful thing

I have to apologize for not remembering this, but I’ve forgotten who it was who created this wonderful bit of Left Behind fan art:



I’m rather desperate to get in touch with that artist because: A) I want to say Thank You again, because years later that still makes me laugh; and B) I would very much like to use that as the cover art for Volume 2 of The Anti-Christ Handbook, and I’m wondering what sort of payment and permission we could work out for that.

That’s my whole business here: Finding and getting in touch with that artist (please email me at slacktivist at hotmail dot com). But let’s all take a moment to again savor this wonderful thing. It gives us not just Chloe Steele, but a bit of Meta-Chloe peeking through. And Rayford’s posture — chest puffed-out, oblivious to the way it’s surpassed by his middle-aged paunch — is just perfect.


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