I’ve got one hand in my pocket and the other one is doing something that doesn’t rhyme

• Yesterday, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I found myself trying to remember the hand motions to accompany the song “The Joy of the Lord Is My Strength.” But, nope, those were just gone — childhood memories no longer supported by my current 40-something OS. Happily, this proved to be yet another thing Google can remember for me. A good third of my long-term memory is now stored on the Cloud.

WARNING: If you did not grow up in a white evangelical subculture, then feel free to click that link for a glimpse into our strange world. But if you did grow up evangelical, DO NOT CLICK that link unless you want to expose yourself to a persistent earworm that may prove to be anything but joyful.

• RealClimate on “The Volcano Gambit,” a popular dodge and “an infallible sign that indicates the author is clueless about climate science.”

• Gordon Klingenschmitt is the kind of far-right fringe nutjob who causes other far-right fringe nutjobs to slowly back away in fear and astonishment. Most religious right figures distance themselves from the former chaplain turned Colorado legislator, insisting — correctly — that it would be unfair to associate them with the gibbering nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

But Gordon Klingenschmitt is not too extreme for Ted Cruz.

• I don’t know where the credit for this belongs. The oldest version I could find was at Tor.com. If you know the creator, please let me know so I can say a proper Thank You.


• “No, Nothing Pat McCrory Says in Defense of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is True.” Gov. McCreepy lies a lot. Because morality.

• For the first time in a very long time, Marmaduke is actually funny. (via)

• So the pope wrote a thing. I let Mary Hunt read it for me. “This document can gather dust without much danger to anyone.” OK, then.

• 1995 was pretty good year for music too. Let’s do 1995 for a bit. Jagged Little Pill may have gotten overplayed, and lives on mainly in “Ironic” jokes, but I’m still impressed with this one for the way its refusal to resolve its rhyme-scheme underscores its theme of being unsettled, but still hopeful.

Yeah, I like an Alanis Morissette song. Feel free to discount all of my future musical opinions accordingly.

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