‘Fighting for our children’

Today’s protest anthem and Monday morning open thread comes courtesy of Mavis Staples.


If necessary, you can invent and add an infinite number of verses to this song, and sing it forever. I mention this because that may soon, again, be necessary. So this is a good one to learn, just in case.

""In a way that conservatives have long espoused."So...Lie, cheat, steal, threaten and do whatever else ..."

A good statement from the Wheaton ..."
"Exactly my thought at the time. I suspect he was subverted by a particularly virulent ..."

A good statement from the Wheaton ..."
"A convenient place to find the Smash/Hunger stuff. I wrote these stories before playing any ..."

What does it mean to say ..."
"Three word. If "Trump" isn't in the middle he'll lose interest before the end."

A good statement from the Wheaton ..."
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