A Sabbath Calendar

I’ve been reading Dan Allender’s book Sabbath (part of Thomas Nelson’s Ancient Practices Series) for a chapter I’m writing on the subject. Allender says that once the Sabbath ends, the next three days can be for reflection, “a remembering of the day.” The three days before Sabbath can be for anticipation and planning. I love this because it puts Sabbath at the center of our experience of time and of course our worship of God.

I mentioned this to my wife, and she had an interesting idea. She suggested we come up with a calendar for our family that puts Sunday (our Sabbath day) in the middle of the week, a visual reminder of the centrality of a Sabbath day of delight that “celebrates God’s re-creative, redemptive love.”

What do you think? What are some ways you celebrate the Sabbath on your own, with your family, and with your faith community?

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  • Tom

    I like this idea. The discussion we had at my house centered around finding ways in which we as a ministry family can take a Sabbath together. Does it mean dropping all housework, cooking, gardening, etc., or is there space to do those things as a unit, a family? Instead of shooing the kids out of the kitchen when cooking, invite them to join us. Be present with one another and with God, which is the purpose of Sabbath, of course!

  • Susan Adams

    Hmmm…I like the idea of centering Sabbath in my mind and in my heart, but am less clear about reconfiguring the calendar. And of course, any discussion of Sabbath begs the question of which day we mean. I am assuming you mean Sunday, yes?

    I like the day to be spent both with people and in solitude. As my kids get older (in their early 20′s now) I find one of my favorite Sunday pleasures is to just be in my home during daylight hours, sitting with a bit of silence or relative quiet. Sounds silly perhaps, but I find some peaceful time on the couch with a good book does me a world of good. I also love bookending the day with Sunday School and worship in the morning and our Sunday evening discussion in the evening. Lunch with friends and family in the middle tops it off. In short, I like to minimize the running around since my other 6 days a week are generally packed.