Don’t Give Up!

The division and violence of the last few weeks compels me to promote the spiritual practice of perseverance. I can feel a collective exasperation on social media, in conversation, even in worship with every violent disturbance we hear about. Persevere in any way that feeds your faith. Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood, a Baptist minister and [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Homebound Person

  For most spiritual directors, the directee comes to the director’s office, home or other pre-arranged location. But how do those people who are not mobile or confined to their home receive spiritual direction? The director must either visit them at a distance (phone or Skype) or come to them. For the past six months [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and Transgender Persons

Spiritual direction can be a wonderful, life-giving experience for gender non-conforming people. With the right director—someone empathic and nonjudgmental—it can be a safe place to explore all of who God created you to be without fear of discrimination or harassment (two facts of life for many transgender persons). Spiritual directors who want to be open [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Non-theist

One trend I have noticed in spiritual direction over the past ten years is persons describing themselves as non-theists coming for spiritual guidance. There are non-theistic strands in almost all world religions. A non-theist is someone who may or may not believe in God or a higher power. The term non-theist covers a lot of [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Medical Professional

Caring for people’s physical well-being can be highly rewarding and extremely stressful. Medical professionals may find they need good soul care in order to provide good medical care for others. Monthly spiritual direction is a practice some medical professionals find helpful for processing and integrating their work experiences as part of their spiritual journey. It [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Specialized Minister

Chaplains, campus ministers, denominational leaders, pastoral counselors and spiritual directors are all ministers with a specialty and their needs in spiritual direction can be specialized as well. Some are ordained clergy who have transitioned from local congregation work to their specialty. Some (like me) have only worked in their specialty. Some work regular hours, some [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Person in Recovery

Addiction recovery can be a deeply spiritual process. Whether it is addiction to alcohol, narcotics, gambling, food, sex, codependency or debt (the list can get long), accepting help from your Higher Power as you refrain from the addictive behavior can sometimes make the difference between life and death. Spiritual directors can be an important resource [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Retiree

Spiritual direction is especially helpful in times of great transition. One of the most common and emotion-laden times in life is when a person exits a career and begins retirement.  It is a rich time to explore identity, new callings and spiritual gifts. I have worked with individuals as they approach retirement; in the first [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Business Person

Spiritual directors are seeing more and more people these days who live out their call in the marketplace. Most spiritual directors understand the working of God’s spirit in all walks of life—no more separation of secular and sacred. Individuals are called to be ethical and caring entrepreneurs and business people just as often (maybe more [Read More…]

Spiritual Direction and the Seminarian

Although spiritual direction is for anyone who wants it, there are special populations that seem to find the practice almost essential. Such as people preparing for, attending or just coming out of theological seminary. Seminarians have special needs because they are confronting content that challenges and enriches their faith life daily.  Many come to spiritual [Read More…]