Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction

Intro to Spiritual Direction

What exactly is Spiritual Direction ?

Where does Spiritual direction come from?

From Caves to Comfy Chairs and Candles

Spiritual Director as Field Guide

It’s about Contemplation

Who comes to spiritual direction?

What Spiritual Direction can do for you

What spiritual direction cannot do for you


Part Two: Elements of Spiritual Direction
Awareness of God


Remembering an Experience of God

Discernment as a Way of Life

Assessing Spiritual Growth

Wrestling with tough spiritual issues

Appreciating spiritual experiences

Exploring the spiritual aspects of psychological counseling

Spiritual Direction vs. Spiritual Friend


Part Three: Exploring  Individual Spiritual Direction

The one-on-one relationship

What  a typical Spiritual Direction session might look like


Part Four:  Group Spiritual Direction

The group spiritual direction experience

How Group Spiritual Direction is done

Covert Group Spiritual Direction

Hiring a spiritual director for your group

Spiritual Direction and your Leadership Team

Using a Discernment Coach


Part Five:  Who is a Spiritual Director and how do I find one?

How a person becomes a Spiritual Director

Some training grounds

What to look for in spiritual direction training

Not all spiritual directors are trained

Two Styles of Spiritual Direction to Choose From

Finding a good fit in a Spiritual Director

Using your intuition

When your choice is quite limited

Your first session


Part Six:  Ethics in Spiritual Direction

A Code of Ethics for Spiritual Directors

Know your rights as a directee

Warning flags in Spiritual Direction


Part Seven:   Practices in Spiritual Direction

Common spiritual longings

The Spiritual Practices of Spiritual Direction: The Examen

Lectio Divina

Centering Prayer

Guided Imagery

Breath Prayer

Body Prayer

Radical Acceptance



Part Eight: Becoming a spiritual director

Am I a spiritual director?

Evoking not Directing

Self Care for the Spiritual Director

The supervision relationship

What Spiritual Directors need to know about Psychology

Boundary Awareness

Projection in Spiritual Direction

Transference and Countertransference in Spiritual Direction

Setting up a direction practice

Finding the right space

Setting your fee

Marketing your practice


Part Ten:  Resources To Enjoy


Five Recommended Books on Spiritual Direction

Five Recommended Books on the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection