Five Recommended Books on the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Spiritual direction is all about the mind-body-spirit connection. Although directors are fond of talking about “getting a person out of their head and into their heart,” what we really mean is we hope to assist our directees in seeing themselves as a whole person, not just a head full of thoughts sitting atop a neglected [Read More…]

Five Recommended Books on Spiritual Direction

Much is written about spiritual direction. Just search the term online and you will find a vast array of books about the practice of spiritual guidance. However, sometimes authors  use the term to refer to the “direction of a person’s spiritual journey” rather than the actual practice of going to a spiritual director for guidance. [Read More…]

Paying Attention to What Is

It was my annual 3-day summer retreat at a reduced rate resort in Scottsdale and I was ready to lounge by the pool. As I was about to enter, I noticed a swarm of about 40 elementary to middle school-aged kids with their camp counselors also entering the pool area. It was a charity event [Read More…]

Top 5 Fears People Have About Spiritual Direction

Because the practice of spiritual direction is still rather new to a lot of people, there are some fears borne out of misconceptions about it. Here are the top five fears I have noticed people have about spiritual direction. 1. The spiritual director will judge me. Fear of being judged harshly keeps some people away [Read More…]

Spiritual Directors as “Good Soil”

The effectiveness of any spiritual director resides primarily in his or her ability to be a gracious container for whatever story the directee wants to bring to that session. I find Jesus’ story of the parable of the sower helpful in explaining this (Matthew 13:3-9). Think of the directee as the sower (the farmer) and [Read More…]

Staying Peaceful when the News Isn’t

One of the most common threads in spiritual direction conversations is “what do I do with my outrage over all the news I hear about violence and heartbreak?” I’ve asked my spiritual director that question a few times myself. Overall, our world is proportionately less violent than it was thousands of years ago. But that’s [Read More…]

Anne Lamott and the Trans-bashing Tweet

The high priestess of progressive Christian inspiration, Anne Lamott is busy this week backtracking and apologizing for a crude twitter remark in which she said (and I will paraphrase)  she would not call Caitlyn Jenner “she” as long as Jenner still had a penis. Since quite a few transgender Christians seek spiritual direction—mostly because it [Read More…]

Giving Away Your Power

Spiritual direction is about claiming your own power and God’s power within you. The code of ethics that spiritual directors abide by expressly prohibits us from becoming gurus. To be the person who gives advice, admonishes or fixes your problem is to take your personal  power away. Never, ever give your personal power away to [Read More…]

Why I remain a contemplative Christian

Although I often work in spiritual direction with people from no religious background, I am no “none.” While I’m open to spiritual practices from a variety of religious traditions and am proud to have close friends who are atheists, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and everything in between, I remain a committed progressive contemplative Christian. I don’t [Read More…]

Summer Slowdown

Warm weather invites us to slow down but how many of us really accept that invitation? Our jobs certainly don’t slow down just because the summer is here.  We just slog through at the same high-speed pace even as our bodies cry out for a break. It is hard spiritual work to listen to our [Read More…]