Finding a Good Fit in a Spiritual Director

One of the advantages of having a lot of spiritual direction training programs around these days is that—at least in some areas of the country—you have a lot of spiritual directors to choose from.  Even with supply at its highest, it is important that you are comfortable with the person you choose. First, spend some [Read More...]

Two Styles of Spiritual Direction to Choose From

There are two basic  styles of spiritual direction you can choose from, and it’s important to know which you prefer. These two styles are non-directive (also known as evocative) and directive. Non-Directive If you want a lot of spiritual directors to choose from and if you need someone trained primarily in non-judgmental listening, this is [Read More...]

Not all Spiritual Directors have been Trained

direction session

Although I have written a lot here about training programs for spiritual directors, it is important to note that not all spiritual directors have been through training.  You may find an excellent spiritual director who has been working as one for years but never went to Shalem, Mercy Center, Hesychia School or anywhere else. This [Read More...]

What to Look for in Spiritual Direction Training

Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson

Let’s say you are seriously considering the time and money commitment to a formation and training program that prepares you to become a spiritual director. What should you be looking for? While most spiritual direction training programs teach a method that is more evocative than directive, they do not all teach it in the same [Read More...]

Spiritual Direction Training

Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction

Though the practice we call spiritual direction has its roots in the monastic desert movement of Christianity it has flowered prolifically in the last 60 years. When I first heard of spiritual direction in 1987, there were only a handful of spiritual directors in Tucson and most were Catholic priests, former priests or sisters. Thanks [Read More...]

How to Become a Spiritual Director

The Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction

Since spiritual direction is a faith-oriented practice, there is no standard regulation or licensing available. So in a practical sense anyone can hang a shingle and start offering spiritual direction. But please don’t do that. It’s a really bad idea because if you don’t have some training—either by apprenticing or attending a formation and training [Read More...]

Using a Discernment Coach

Part of every spiritual director’s training is (or should be) education in the art of spiritual discernment. In addition to the work I do with people exploring their spiritual path, I also serve as a discernment coach for some individuals and groups. That is, they have a particular question facing them—a choice, a change or [Read More...]

Does a Candidate’s Faith Matter?

Does a candidate’s faith matter? Patheos has asked its bloggers to reflect on this question during the campaign season, so naturally I will approach this from the lens of a progressive Christian spiritual director. A candidate’s faith matters if that candidate’s actions that are rooted in their faith —as in what he or she stands for, [Read More...]

Spiritual Direction and your Leadership Team

leading a group

One of the greatest gifts a spiritual director brings to any leadership team, council, session or board is the gift of non-attached observation. When you participate in working groups such as these it is easy to get bogged down in the work, making it difficult to step “onto the balcony” and see what is really [Read More...]

Hiring a Spiritual Director for your Group

For a paltry fee most any spiritually-oriented group can hire a spiritual director to lead, facilitate or organize gatherings for discernment and prayer. I recommend this even if there is a member of the group (say a pastor or church leader) with mad skills in leadership. Why? Every group has its own personality and every [Read More...]