Your rights in spiritual direction

code of ethics

When you enter a spiritual direction relationship you are entering a world in which there is a specific culture and ethics but no actual overseeing body that can guarantee your rights. So, like much else in life it is a case of “let the buyer beware.” Most spiritual directors are kind, loving and highly ethical [Read More...]

Spiritual Directors’ Code of Ethics

code of ethics

Although there is no governing body overseeing and monitoring spiritual directors, there is a code of ethics we work by. Developed in the early 1990’s by spiritual directors who were also working in confidential helping professions such as social work, therapy, pastoral counseling and pastoral ministry, this code is found in an inexpensive booklet by [Read More...]

Your First Session

The first session with a new spiritual director can sometimes feel as awkward as a first date. You have a lot you want to know about the director and he or she has a lot they want to get to know about you. That’s why it can be hard to tell from just one session [Read More...]

When Spiritual Directors are Hard to Find

If you live in a metropolitan area, you will probably have lots of spiritual directors to choose from. But if you are in rural America, you may be lucky to have even one within driving distance of you. That does not mean you are limited to that one director! Technology is changing the way spiritual [Read More...]

Intuition and the Search for a Spiritual Director

Intuition is an inner knowing that is not necessarily based on cold, hard facts. Some people are better at identifying and listening to intuition than others. I want to reflect on how you may use your intuition to find the right spiritual director. One reason experts suggest you make appointments with at least three spiritual [Read More...]

Finding a Good Fit in a Spiritual Director

One of the advantages of having a lot of spiritual direction training programs around these days is that—at least in some areas of the country—you have a lot of spiritual directors to choose from.  Even with supply at its highest, it is important that you are comfortable with the person you choose. First, spend some [Read More...]

Two Styles of Spiritual Direction to Choose From

There are two basic  styles of spiritual direction you can choose from, and it’s important to know which you prefer. These two styles are non-directive (also known as evocative) and directive. Non-Directive If you want a lot of spiritual directors to choose from and if you need someone trained primarily in non-judgmental listening, this is [Read More...]

Not all Spiritual Directors have been Trained

direction session

Although I have written a lot here about training programs for spiritual directors, it is important to note that not all spiritual directors have been through training.  You may find an excellent spiritual director who has been working as one for years but never went to Shalem, Mercy Center, Hesychia School or anywhere else. This [Read More...]

What to Look for in Spiritual Direction Training

Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson

Let’s say you are seriously considering the time and money commitment to a formation and training program that prepares you to become a spiritual director. What should you be looking for? While most spiritual direction training programs teach a method that is more evocative than directive, they do not all teach it in the same [Read More...]

Spiritual Direction Training

Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction

Though the practice we call spiritual direction has its roots in the monastic desert movement of Christianity it has flowered prolifically in the last 60 years. When I first heard of spiritual direction in 1987, there were only a handful of spiritual directors in Tucson and most were Catholic priests, former priests or sisters. Thanks [Read More...]