Logical and Environmental Tan Color Personalities


The Logical Tan has a light tan-colored band that encircles the body. Many people are drawn to the stability and reliability of Logical Tans. These Tans are conscientious and consistent providers who are also willing to be in long-term, committed relationships. Living a secure and stable life is important to all Tans. These methodical thinkers need to see all the facts, then analyze and comprehend the logic in each step before making any moves. They like to establish a firm foundation and then slowly build sequentially, step by step. Otherwise, they are afraid the entire project – or relationship – will collapse.

In power (positive qualities), Logical Tans are dependable and steadfast. They patiently take care of all the details of any project. Their grounded and practical nature often helps others calm down and think things through. Tans do not enjoy or respect overly emotional behavior.

Out of power, Logical Tans can become stuck, shortsighted, narrow minded, and critical of things they don’t understand. They can be stubborn when it comes to change, forward movement, or discussing new “unproven” ideas.

Anyone in relationship with a Logical Tan may also want to be aware that Tans can have a challenging time expressing their emotions. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves – they process more from their intellect. Also, being detail oriented, Logical Tans tend to express themselves slowly and methodically – so do not rush them. Listen patiently to the details of their stories. You will then gain their trust and respect.

Examples of Logical Tans are: Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Costner – all are Yellow/Logical Tan with Violet combinations.



The Environmental Tan Life Color is a deep tan-colored band combined with a forest green-colored band. Environmental Tans have a combination of physical and mental traits. They experience their reality by physically touching their environment and then mentally analyzing it. Like all Tans, they desire security, stability, logic, structure, and discipline. Many have an innate desire to investigate and evaluate the environment, then to help improve or rebalance it.

Environmental Tans are very intelligent people. However, they frequently have trouble expressing themselves – which can make them appear aloof or emotionally

unavailable. They tend to be quiet on the outside while a great deal of information is being calculated and processed on the inside. They relish their privacy and typically withdraw from crowds or social settings.

In power (positive qualities), Environmental Tans have a strong sense of responsibility. They are loyal and competent workers. Having a strong need to complete a task, they often overwork to accomplish a project. They take their agreements and commitments seriously.

Out of power, Environmental Tans are not very flexible. They can be obstinate and slow moving. They hold to basic laws and standards and do not like to waiver. Any changes are thoroughly researched and analyzed before given consideration. Like Logical Tans, they can get stuck in a rut.

When Environmental Tans do develop a significant relationship, they are extremely loyal and committed. They are also very quiet and reserved – expecting their mates to assume their love is real without discussing it.

Many people are attracted to the Environmental Tan’s strong and quiet mystique. They often pursue this Tan for the pure challenge of capturing and conquering this elusive personality.

Clint Eastwood is an example of an Environmental Tan/Violet.

For more information on the different aura color personalities, check out Pam’s website auracolors.com

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