Sensitive and Abstract Tan Aura Color Personalities


The Sensitive Tan Life Color is a combination of a light tan band with a light blue band next to it that encircles the body. Sensitive Tans combine the characteristics of mental, analytical logic with loving and intuitive compassion. These gentle personalities are quiet, sensitive, and supportive. They are patient enough to handle the details of running the home or office. They prefer, like all Tans, to maintain a rational, intellectual foundation while they analytically process data. They are more emotional and intuitive than Logical Tans, however. These loving personalities, although sensitive and emotional, are not quite as emotional as Blues. When facing conflict, they tend to remain rational and calm, and retreat inside to find a reasonable solution.

In power (positive qualities), Sensitive Tans are quiet, nurturing people who are sincere and patient listeners. They are extraordinarily unselfish and are delightfully modest hosts and hostesses. Sensitive Tans are service-oriented humanitarians who tend to put their families and their communities first.

Out of power, Sensitive Tans can struggle with over-analyzing their own inner feelings and intuition, which makes them feel that they cannot trust themselves. They can then become lost, despondent, and full of self-doubt. They can be easily taken advantage of in this state of mind. And like all Tans, they can become shortsighted, narrow-minded, and stuck in habitual patterns.

Sensitive Tans value love, commitment, dedication, patient understanding, and good communication in their relationships. This is what Sensitive Tans give to their mates – therefore, they want the same consideration. They want someone who will listen as well as talk with them, share the responsibilities of the home, and be reliable, trustworthy partners.

These Tans typically do not crave the spotlight. Angela Lansbury on the TV show Murder She Wrote portrayed the intuitive, yet logical Sensitive Tan.



Abstract Tans have a light tan-colored band that is surrounded completely by a brilliant red band. (This red is not the Red life color or the Red Overlay.) The bright and curious Abstract Tans are unique characters. They are the most childlike of all the Tans. They are open, friendly, and outgoing. They have incredibly optimistic personalities. Though they frequently have high energy, it is also usually scattered. Although these Tans see all the details and steps that need to be handled, they do not proceed in an orderly fashion. They have random thought processes. Rather than proceeding step-by-step, they attempt to work on all the steps simultaneously – like a jigsaw puzzle. Even though Abstract Tans can become quite scattered, like all Tans they still prefer to work with the details of a project and they prefer the security of a long-term, regular paycheck.

In power (positive qualities), Abstract Tans are friendly, energetic, optimistic, and cheerful. They have enough energy to handle many projects simultaneously and can be storehouses of information. Although they prefer the information to be intellectually and factually based, they can also be open minded and flexible.

Out of power, Abstract Tans can be scattered, forgetful, and ineffective. They have trouble organizing their lives. They tend to over-commit themselves and then cannot follow through with their promises. They are easily confused and distracted. They slowly retreat inside their heads, which leaves them feeling safe but lonely and isolated.

Abstract Tans prefer mates who can help to establish order in their chaotic lives. They want partners who are willing to provide a steady foundation and who will understand their theoretical discussions. I don’t know of any famous Abstract Tans.


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