Gift Ideas for Blue and Indigo Aura Colors

Psychic and author Pamala Oslie, Founder of, has created a list of gift ideas for the different aura color personalities to help you with your holiday shopping. Instead of just guessing what to buy someone, why not benefit from this information about a person’s personality to help you find the perfect gift?

Blue aura color personalities prefer gifts that show love, appreciation, and/or romance. Blues are nurturing, emotional, spiritual, and caretakers. Anything that they feel really comes from your heart will touch them – even something simple like a romantic movie, a simple heart-felt locket, or a special dinner that you’ve lovingly prepared yourself. (Just remember to clean up after you cook – otherwise your Blue will take on the job.) Other special gifts for a Blue include spiritual books, music, an engagement ring, jewelry with their children’s birthstones, or tickets to a spiritual event. Most Blues have difficulty receiving so you don’t usually need to go overboard or spend too much – just find them something that comes from your heart. They also value having emotional connecting time alone with you – so spending quality time together at home or going on a special trip together could be one of the most valuable gifts you could give them.


People with Indigo auras are spiritual, honest, psychic, and they enjoy doing things for others – especially animals or children. Indigos don’t always value physical items. They are more philosophical, spiritual, and soulful so spending quality time with your special Indigo can be a great gift for him or her.

You could make donations to their favorite charities or find a special way to actually spend a day together helping animals, children or the environment. They appreciate items that support their creative interests – books, artwork or music. Meditation items and meditation retreats are usually special to most Indigos. They also often enjoy the latest technology – so consider computers, cell phones, or any other of the latest gadgets. They appreciate and connect with nature – so creating an outdoor sanctuary where they can plant their favorite plants and then spend quiet time there is a very thoughtful gift for these sensitive, spiritual, and intelligent souls.


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