Gift Ideas for the Different Aura Colors

Gift Ideas for the Different Aura Colors

Psychic and author Pamala Oslie, Founder of, has created a list of gift ideas for the different aura color personalities to help you with your holiday shopping. Instead of just guessing what to buy someone, why not benefit from this information about a person’s personality to help you find the perfect gift?

Crystal aura personalities enjoy quiet, meditation, and the healing worlds. They typically prefer a quiet evening at home. If you’re going to buy something, consider the something from the healing arts, crystals, beautiful music, a special flower essence or oil, prayer items, alters, pretty items for their homes, flowers or plants, time at a healing center or spiritual center, or taking them to a quiet retreat or a cottage by the sea. They are also very intelligent and cultured and usually enjoy reading so books on spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, other cultures, great teachers, or history often appeal to them. If you want to take your Crystal out, maybe take him/her to a small music recital, a symphony, an art gallery or a very high quality lunch at a quiet and quaint restaurant.

Tan aura color personalities are practical, logical, and down to earth. So you don’t need to buy extravagant gifts for them – just be thoughtful. They will even accept and appreciate simple, practical and useful items for the home, the office or the car. Something to make them comfortable at home after a long day of working at their desk might be appreciated – a lounge chair, a Universal remote for the TV, a bigger, more efficient TV or even a second TV so you can watch your different favorite shows in different rooms, if that won’t break the bank. A good book on history, technology, or science can interest them. A subscription to their favorite newspaper or magazine so they can get the local or world news is nice. Items for the car can be helpful – a GPS system, new tires, or hand-wash their car. Most Tans love tools, electronic gadgets, computers, or easy-to-use kitchen appliances. Many Tans appreciate it if you fix things around the house, prepare a good home-cooked meal or enjoy a simple dinner out. Don’t over-do the ties – they may have enough and “too much” is a waste. The only things you could never really have too many of are gadgets – as long as they are useful gadgets. Tans usually love the latest gadgets – as long as you don’t overpay to acquire them. You could even give them a gift certificate so they could choose their own gadgets after the holidays – once the items go on sale.

People with Green auras are intelligent, strong-willed, goal-oriented and usually organized. They value wealth, intellect and learning.  A Green will appreciate expensive jewelry (if you can afford it), fine clothing, or quality items for the home such as expensive pieces of art or furniture. (Although most Greens prefer to select these items themselves or have their interior decorator choose them – so keep that in mind before you buy anything that can’t be returned.) Greens often appreciate organizational items for their business, a quality brief case, high-end technology, or a subscription to Money Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine or the Wall Street Journal. Greens enjoy anything that challenges their mind and their intelligence or helps them learn – so if your Green’s taste is too high end and beyond your budget, you may want to consider finding something like a Sudoku or Crossword puzzle book. For those of you who have the means, Greens relish expensive dinners out or a nice 5-star hotel for the weekend. If they enjoy gambling (many Greens do) a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City can be a great gift. If you really want to impress your Green, a new car, a new house or an expensive vacation will do the trick. (A simple note – don’t ever let your Greens know if you bought their gifts on sale.)

Lavender aura color personalities are usually sensitive and quiet so they may be pleased with chimes, crystals, and beautiful, soothing music. They also enjoy magical, fantasy, and child-like activities so finding a place for them to enjoy themselves can be a unique gift – trips to whimsical places or beautiful gardens can be fun for them. Or buying them fanciful art, anything related to fairies and angels, dolls, children’s storybooks, fantasy movies, or pretty flowing clothes is a great idea for these sensitive beings. Creating a special place where they can have their own personal sanctuary – a quiet place that features some of these simple and fanciful items can please them.  Since many Lavenders are not happy dealing with financial responsibilities, paying off some of their bills may seem like an unusual or impersonal gift, but this is often VERY helpful and a wonderful way to help Lavenders feel happy and free. Providing a stress-free and simple lifestyle is one of the greatest gifts you can offer a Lavender.

If you are buying a gift for someone with a Red aura – Reds either are very physical, down to earth and hard working or they are highly sensual and want to be pampered.


For the Red who prefers to be pampered, consider buying lingerie, expensive jewelry, a massage, a spa day at their favorite resort, a bottle of fine wine, a name brand high quality winter coat, a luxury item like a nice car, a weekend at a nice hotel, or a lavish dinner at the best restaurant you can afford. These Reds can have very expensive taste buds and will be very disappointed if the meal is low quality.

For the strong, hard working Red, get him or her quality tools, workout or exercise items (weights, exercise machines, bikes), sports equipment, tickets to sporting events, a football, motorcycle, camping trip, fishing pole, ski mobile, or some other sports vehicle. (Or if all else fails – they can be content with alcohol and sex.)

If you want to buy a gift for someone with an Orange aura, they like danger, risk-taking, excitement, and adrenaline rushes, so take them on an exciting adventure – an African safari, Alaska wilderness trek, rock-climbing, sky-diving, or riding in a jet. You can buy equipment for their exploits – scuba diving, racing, hang gliding, or extreme sports. Buying them safety gear might be a good gift for them – and you. Discover what sport they enjoy and then consider taking them there – to the racetrack, a ski resort, sky jumping airport, etc. If you can figure out how to do this – get them a pass to be behind the scenes of an adventure movie so they can watch the stunt people perform. That can be an interesting and unusual way for your Orange to spend the day. Maybe research where a production company might be filming those stunts. If your Orange is just getting started, buying them lessons so they can get good at the sport or activity they enjoy can be an appreciated gift.

If you want to buy a gift for a Magenta aura color personality – they like anything quirky, artistic, outrageous, shocking, or bizarre. So give them some quirky or bizarre artwork, sculptures, or jewelry. Unusual items for their creative expression – paint, clay, or strange items you find at a second hand store can be fun gifts. Many of these creative but outrageous beings enjoy out-of-print or foreign movies, unusual, avant-garde music, or old classic posters from Hollywood. Consider getting them tickets to fringe artistic events or museums.  They also appreciate unusual rings or jewelry for their piercings, outrageous clothes, amusing hats, or multi-colored socks. You can even offer to pay for their next tattoo or radical haircut.

If you want more information on each of the different aura color personalities so you can come up with your own gift ideas, you can watch the aura color videos on Founder Pamala Oslie describes more in depth the personality traits of each of the aura colors and what each needs to be happy.  You’ll be able to recognize the aura colors and traits of people in all aspects of your life, and then have a deeper understanding of how each thinks, responds in relationships, and communicates with others. Happy holidays!

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