For fun – notice what you see happening in this picture.

For fun – notice what you see happening in this picture. (There are no wrong or right answers so don’t be shy or afraid.) And hopefully you’ll notice what story YOU see first, before you are influenced by other people’s comments or answers. This is cool.

What you saw in this photo – could reveal an answer to a situation you’re in now, an answer that you already know deep inside. It can also reveal your beliefs about life/reality, etc. (We create our own experiences with the beliefs we have about ourselves and life. Our beliefs affect our perception of ourselves, others and situations.) Notice that each person has their own story and their own version of what is happening – even though we can never know for sure what these beings are doing or feeling. There are no right or wrong answers, or right or wrong perceptions. As odd as this may sound – there is not just one “reality.” We’re all making up our own stories. The story you saw is a reflection of what your personal beliefs are – which will create your life experiences and trigger feelings. (Quantum physics even states that we can’t measure an objective reality because the observer affects the experiment.)


When different people saw this photo – some had positive feelings about the scene; others were upset, frightened for the children, or even angry that the parents weren’t around to keep the children safe! It’s been interesting to me to see the variation in stories and perceptions. SO many people believed that the children were going home. I was one of those who thought the children were having an adventure and going somewhere else.


Many “Blues” saw the girl comforting and helping her brother cross the bridge on their way home. And those Blues realized they were playing that role in their own lives – always helping and comforting others. A lot of Yellows thought the kids were having fun and off on an adventure, and that good things were ahead – that the angel was watching over them, proving that all was well. Some were frustrated that the irresponsible parents had even allowed this situation to happen and were upset that the guardian angel was on the other side of the railing because she couldn’t get to the children in time if they were to fall. (Can you tell what was going on in their lives?) And some saw that the angel was on the other side of the railing to show that angels can watch over us but they are prevented from becoming too involved in our lives, they can’t prevent people from falling off their path.


Your answers are all so fascinating. I love how positive many of your answers are. That shows me that deep inside you trust, you have faith that life is good and that good things are happening, despite any appearances of “scary” or troubling things. You DO have wisdom inside – look at your answers! So you can trust yourself! And if you perceived something scary – now you know you believe something negative, you have beliefs that ultimately are not working for you. You probably don’t want to go through life in fear, right? There are always options and ways to change your beliefs and perspectives. It’s always about our beliefs that color our perceptions – we perceive something as good or bad, positive or negative, scary or supportive based on what we believe.


Isn’t it fun that you have your own answers? Every perception you have about a situation in your life is a reflection of your beliefs.


Have fun life adventures – whether you’re going home or off traveling somewhere! (And thank you for participating.)
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