Helping Tans Feel More Secure

Some of the aura color personalities that are having a rough time in life right now are the Tans. Tans value security, stability & logic. The world looks unstable, unpredictable and untrustworthy to many Tans these days. To help Tans feel better – let’s look at some logic. The world has gone through tough times before – even tougher times than these – and we always come through it. And we usually come through it even better off than before. (Unless people panic and/or give up.) Worrying only makes you suffer, it doesn’t solve anything. Life has improved over time – and it always will. In the meantime, steps you can take to feel more secure include simplifying, focusing on your real priorities – like loved ones, and then keeping your money as secure & safe as possible until this all changes. It will shift. We’re just going through “birth pangs.” Humanity is too creative & resourceful to let the world go down the tubes. And you’re never alone – we’re all experiencing these shifts together. There are good, optimistic, & creative people in the world who are working on the solutions – right now. The solutions will come! Most of all – breathe & trust. It always gets better in time.  Warm & loving hugs to you.

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