The Aura Color Personalities & How They Can Accomplish Their Dreams – for Violets and Tans

The following briefly describes the personalities and the dreams of the different aura color personalities. There are also tips on what they can do to accomplish their dreams.


Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders, entertainers, artists or teachers who are here to help save the planet. Most Violets dream about being famous, inspiring or entertaining people, improving the quality of life on the planet, helping to save people, animals, or the environment, or educating the masses. Violets have an inner sense that they are here to do something important, that their destiny is greater than that of the average person.


If Violets can stay focused and trust their vision, it will guide them forward. Violets have the ability to visually project themselves into the future and see their dreams fulfilled. By seeing the future, they can also discover how to reach their dreams. They need to pay attention to their visions in waking state. If they don’t, their visions will reveal themselves in their dreams. Taking time to meditate will also help Violets stay in touch with their vision, otherwise they can become scattered and overwhelmed. Listening to empowering or beautiful music, and inspirational teachers can also keep Violets focused and motivated to reach their dreams. Traveling can also inspire Violets to see there is more to life than the every day, traditional lifestyle; it helps them believe in their larger dreams.





Tans are very logical and analytical. Their dreams usually involve creating financial security for themselves and their families, whether by maintaining a long-term secure job or successfully creating a technological product or design. Tans have produced such achievements as computers, software, radio, television, and various appliances. Few others have the patience or persistence to deal with the intricate, detailed components of these inventions.


Tans usually accomplish their dreams by analyzing each step before proceeding to the next. They need to establish a firm foundation and then slowly build brick by brick, step by step. Otherwise, they are afraid the entire project will collapse. Not being risk-takers, these methodical thinkers need to see all the data and all the facts before making any moves. Tans will accomplish tasks with thoroughness and efficiency, making sure every detail is handled. These thinkers need to carefully analyze a project, incorporate every detail, and conclude with a rational, practical, and detailed solution.


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