Regarding Lavender Aura Color Personalities

Regarding Lavender Aura Color Personalities:


I hope you know what your personal aura colors are. If not, you can take the free quiz at


Do you have a Lavender aura? Or are you married to one? Spring is here – so I thought we’d start with some Spring-like colors.


I have a question for you Lavenders. I know you are creative, imaginative, sensitive and wonderful souls. We haven’t heard from many of you and there are those of us would love to understand what life is like for you – or even for those of you who live with or are friends with Lavenders.


I realize it’s a rare aura color, so hopefully there are a few out there who are willing to share. If you’re not a shy Lavender and are willing to offer your thoughts, perspectives and life experiences with us, I for one would love to learn more from you directly. I only know a few people who have this special aura color, and all of them are combination aura colors (Violet/Lavenders and Blue/Lavenders.) I have never met a Lavender-only aura color personality. Most people have two life colors so I’m assuming that is true for you too?

If you Lavenders and Lavender combinations have the time to share your experiences and maybe can offer some tips to inspire other Lavenders that would be great.


AND if other people have questions for Lavenders – it’s so important to learn about people with different aura colors than our own – please feel free to ask here. Thank you. It’s so fun to learn about other people life experiences. It could help our lives and our relationships as well. Thank you. Happy Spring!

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