Tips for Yellows – from your fellow Yellows:

Tips for Yellows – from your fellow Yellows:


You Yellow aura color personalities can be so much fun. You’re life’s optimistic cheerleaders. You enjoy creative projects, physical activities, being in nature, and/or being healers. I know Yellows need sunshine, warmth and nature – and this has been a long, cold winter for many of you. We know you’re ready for spring. So your friends out here are going to offer their support and inspire you to get ready for fun ahead.


I know that when you Yellows become insecure, you can procrastinate or get confused about what to do with your life. It’s common for other people to want you to “grow up,” to choose a life direction, to be stable and make money, and to work hard like all the other “adults” in the world. That pressure can be tough on you.


Would any of you Yellows be willing to share helpful tips for other Yellows on how you’ve found your way in life? What have you discovered that keeps you happy, healthy and able to fulfill your life’s purpose – while still making money? (Money can be a BIG issue for a lot of Yellows.) There are so many Yellows in the world who – while not wanting to be told what to do – would love to know how other Yellows are making a living doing what they love. Can you help them feel it’s okay to commit to a career choice without feeling trapped by their decision? Have you been successful at that? Or can you share how you do multiple projects and make money? Or tips on how to live a good life even if you’re not making money? Any advice you have for your fellow Yellows is very much appreciated.


I know that my yellow side feels happier when I tell myself “I’m creating” rather than “I’m working.” It shifts my attitude and I don’t feel so overwhelmed and trapped by working all the time. I enjoy being creative so it’s a lighter perspective for me. So maybe see life and your jobs that way – you’re creating or you’re finding creative ways to make people happy – rather than feeling “stuck in a bad job.”


And Yellows – you don’t have to do the same thing your entire life. It’s okay to change and experience many different careers or jobs over your lifetime. Not everyone feels comfortable with change – but you need it and prefer it. You like variety so allow it to be okay to do many different things in your life. I do, and I always have – and it works for me. Just stick with things long enough to be successful at them, to feel good about what you’ve created, and then change to something else and create again. (You won’t feel good jumping from job to job, or project to project – unable to complete something or be good at something. That behavior could make you feel like a failure. Be good at something then you’ll feel positive about changing to another experience.)


Do you have any other suggestions for Yellows to help them be happy, healthy and enjoy life? What works for you? Thank you for taking the time to inspire people with some helpful tips and ideas. That way they don’t have to start from scratch – or work as hard as you did to figure life out. I know we’re all still learning and growing – but any tips could be helpful.

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