There are no limits to what you can create

Do you want to create something else? For instance, do you want to travel? Do you want a new job, a healthier body, or a loving relationship? This process applies to anything and everything. There are no limits to what you can create. There are no degrees of ease or difficulty to what you can create. The only limitations we have are those we believe in. If you believe it’s easy to create a job, but challenging to find love, you will experience that outcome.

It’s just as easy to create a million dollars as one hundred dollars; both amounts of money are created using exactly the same principle. The only difference in what we manifest is our belief about what is easy and possible, and what is difficult or impossible.

Years ago, I had a strong desire to travel. At that time, I didn’t have the funds to travel, so I spent a lot of time working hard, trying to make enough money to go somewhere. Eventually I realized it wasn’t the money I wanted. My desire was to visit other places. So rather than just focusing onIMG_0105 making money, I envisioned myself traveling. I felt the experience in my physical body. I felt the joy of being in other places. I kept imagining this until it felt real and I knew it would happen.

Within two weeks of envisioning myself traveling, I received phone calls from three different friends. They all wanted me to come visit them and each wanted to pay my airfare. I had manifested trips to Hawaii, Florida, and Oregon by understanding that everything is energy and that imagination directs the form that energy takes. For anyone who felt bad that my poor friends had to pay for my trips, one of the greatest gifts I can give my friends is envisioning them as abundant and prosperous. Imagining someone as impoverished or unable to afford something does not benefit that person. Energy can take any form and come to me from anywhere. Infinite energy also flows freely from me as I share abundance with my friends, family, and others. This helps all of us feel abundant and prosperous.


Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, radio show host, professional psychic intuitive, and aura expert. Pamala has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Hallmark’s Better TV, Gaiam TV with Lisa Garr, and many other television and radio shows. She has also been featured in many national magazines.

Pam is the Founder of AuraColors a site designed to help you create love, joy and fulfillment in EVERY area of your life. She also developed LoveColors, this site is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors.

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