Vlogs by New Thelemites

These two vloggers are not only making videos for beginners, they are beginners themselves. In these videos they have just discovered Thelema and share their discoveries of how Thelema is changing their lives. While we can learn a great deal from experienced teachers, young teachers have a lot to contribute – they are relatable for other beginners and have fresh insights for those of us who have practiced for a while.


Deadboylife promised a video series that only seems to have two episodes so far, both made in 2010, and both thoughtful and sincere.

Thelema for Beginners-Do what thou what now? June 23 2010


This is a heartfelt and intelligent exploration of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”, “Love is the law, love under will,” and “there is no law beyond do what thou wilt”. He quotes relevant passages from Crowley and relates them to his own experience.

Thelema for Beginners – Liber Oz Aug. 15 2010


This is a detailed exploration of Liber Oz, discussing the moral implications of the pronouncement “There is no god but man.” Deadboylife’s insights are humanist and compassionate.

Sy Calaelen

This mother, esotericist, and Witch discusses the impact of Thelema on her life. There are numerous videos on her channel – here is a selection.

One Newbie to Another: Thelema Jan. 24 2013


Calaelen discusses her understanding of Witchcraft, the Golden Dawn, and the O.T.O. She recommends Lon Milo DuQuette’s books for beginners before discussing some of Crowley’s own works.

Thelema is Personal May 6 2013


Calaelen discusses her conversion to Thelema after reading Book Four.

Resh Reflection 1 – Is Thelema a Cult? May 26 2014


Recently Calaelen was asked if Thelema is a cult. “Thelema could never be a cult. It just doesn’t work,” she says.

Glad to see Calaelen is continuing to make videos – hope Deadboylife returns to them!

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