The Table and the Cross

Lately, anything to do with Catholics has felt like dysfunctional family dinners. Read more

Who was a Faithful Catholic Witness?

I’ve spoken many times about the hardest time in my life.  Just after my daughter was born, after the rape, during the period where I was still struggling with the priest I’ve called “Father Reginald,” I was a basket case. We were a breath away from homelessness every single month. Our apartment was a mold-infested wreck in a building that ought to be condemned. Our upstairs neighbor was completely insane and kept us awake by cursing out her boyfriend all night… Read more

A Defense Of The New Pro-life Movement By An Old Pro-Lifer

  By John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe Some screw-loosy Trumpistas attacked a wonderful friend of mine. 1600 wd response. You’d better not “like” this post, because it’s possible there will be an eruption of noxious fuming here. I am deeply proud to know Rebecca Bratten Weiss. I enjoy her writing immensely. I never saw her work in class, but I have great respect for the students whom she taught and I know – and they praise and defend her with passion. I am… Read more

Portrait of a Man

The powerful start wars. The helpless go to war, lose limbs, and come back needing therapy. Read more

Not At All Afraid

You know how you’re never supposed to read comments? I broke the rules. I read a comment. It was on my post from several days ago, about taking Rose to the Halloween store. Most everyone talked about how much they enjoyed celebrating Halloween, and whether or not they liked The Exorcist. But someone else was concerned. “Not at all afraid your daughter wants to be a man for halloween?” he said, in reference to Rose’s remark that she wants to dress… Read more

A Library for the Friendship Room

  I went down to The Friendship Room with Rose, to drop off our widow’s mite. Guests were there, smiling as they usually do. Steubenville is a very rough place. Having somewhere you’re allowed to go inside and feel welcome is, in itself, a cause for celebration. While we waited for our bag to be unpacked, Rose admired the pets– the Friendship Room has two finches and a tank of guppies, which are a necessity. There’s precious little to do… Read more

I Think We Ought To Try

  It was a sunny Tuesday morning. On the news, someone was interviewing the Duchess of York. She had just smiled and nodded demurely, and referred to “making a complete nonsense of my life.” The reporter interviewing her remarked upon the phrase, “a complete nonsense.’ The Duchess nodded demurely again. Then they broke in with a live news story. Diane Sawyer said, in guarded terms, that there was ‘some sort of explosion at the World Trade Center.” It was exactly… Read more

To Laugh at the Devil

Charismatics had me convinced that the devil was nearly omnipotent, that he could cling to a person and “oppress” them. Read more

Steve Bannon and Saint Lawrence Agree on 1 Thing

Steve Bannon, who claims to be a Catholic, declared himself at odds with the Church’s teaching on immigration. Read more

Murder Most Dubious

  I have seen several people publicly declare that if you believe the Pope is complicit in the assassination of cardinals, you need no longer associate with them. I’m of the opposite opinion. If you believe the Pope is complicit in the assassination of cardinals, come and sit by me. Explain all about it. Give me the inside scoop. Sign me up for your newsletter. I want to know how your mind works. In case you’re out of the loop, it seems… Read more

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