It is now just after midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, on February Sixteenth. That means that, somewhere in Florida, seventeen different families have just finished their first full day of never seeing a loved one again. Sixteen more families are waiting in hospitals to see if their loved ones recover. Their shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was arrested without incident and has confessed. I’m told this is either the eighth or the eighteenth school shooting in this country, depending on how you define… Read more

It may have come to your attention that today is Ash Wednesday, and also Valentine’s Day. The internet thinks this is pretty funny. I’ve seen a lot of fun suggestions for combined Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve also seen a secular low-fat recipe company try to be true to the spirit of both days by suggesting intimate and romantic lobster tacos to make for your abstaining date out of healthful lobster-flavored surimi fish protein. People are confused. Of… Read more

A respected apologist recently shared a short comic strip that had me scratching my head. The comic strip, which was posted on his facebook page, looked to be from the Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism. Some people really like the Saint Joseph Baltimore Cathechism, and I admit that some of its more outlandish drawings serve as good memorization aids. On the whole, though, I dislike it for teaching children, and this comic is a good example of why. The four panels… Read more

Happy Mardi Gras for anyone who celebrates! This isn’t a real blog post, just your periodic reminder that Steel Magnificat is fueled almost entirely by gratuities from readers and it’s currently my family’s only income. I am usually disabled due to my chronic illnesses, Michael is the full-time homemaker because he cares for me when I’m sick, Rosie provides us with material. You the reader keep the electricity and internet on so that I can keep writing, three to six… Read more

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” What could that possibly mean? There’s no “fat” in the Gospels. There’s nothing in there that was put in by accident. No book could contain all the words and actions Christ performed while He was among us; every word that has been recorded, has been recorded for our benefit, because it’s something we need to know. We need to know that this was the first thing Christ said, when they… Read more

  My favorite time of year is almost here. Yes, I’m that weirdo who actually really loves Lent. I loved it when I was a Latin Catholic; I love it now that I’m in the middle of transferring rites to the East as well. I love the air of solemnness and introspection. I love the Way of the Cross. I love the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. I love how Lent forces us to face realities like suffering that most… Read more

  Readers of my blog sometimes tell me I’m brave, but I’m actually not. I’m feisty in writing but a cowardly mouse in person. Sometimes, in crowded social settings, I go completely mute. It’s embarrassing, which adds to my panic and then I’m even worse. It’s especially bad at church and church-related social functions. Frequent readers know how much I love my tiny Byzantine Catholic church. But frequent readers also know I’ve been spiritually abused, and church is difficult. Even… Read more

  (My friend, who is married to an immigrant, sent this to me as a guest post but wishes to remain anonymous.–Mary Pezzulo)  First, a report. ICE has boarded busses asking for documents. They’ve followed parents to schools. They’ve lied about the immigrants they trap to promote propaganda. People are disappearing, and that’s actually an ongoing problem that’s only getting worse. They troll near churches, and don’t doubt that they will get into churches too. They’re even doing traffic stops…. Read more

  I was finally starting to get over the Annual Post-Christmas Fibromyalgia Flare-Up. With the help of a sun lamp, way too much rest and a strict diet, I’d gotten my bedtime up to four o’clock in the morning instead of seven. I had a slight amount of energy in the exact middle of the day. I’d even made it to Divine Liturgy on Sunday, by some miracle. And then I made the mistake of leaving my house again. I… Read more

I just heard the voice of the famous anti-capitalist Martin Luther King, Jr, preaching on service, in order to sell automobiles. I understand sportsball is to blame.  I don’t watch the Super Bowl because I don’t like football. I don’t have anything against it or anybody who does; I just dislike sports. I like to watch the commercials, though, so I’ve been looking at them on YouTube. That’s where I ran into this gem. Better watch it quick because I… Read more

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