As much as we don’t like to admit it, as much as it is painful to even really consider; the Church is missing something of grave importance. Just look around you, and you’ll see this dreadful lack all around you.  You see it in the poorly designed places of worship, the bare, white, plaster walls, whatever this is exactly…     The Church is missing artists.We don’t need to look back very far to see that this has not always… Read more

Since the beginning of time it has been the trademark, the war banner, the slogan of Planned Parenthood and their supporters that they exist for the “sake of women’s health.”  They have claimed to do everything in the name of this, their sacred mantra. If this were true, then this movement would proudly supportany group which bolstered, supported, or increased the standard of women’s health.  Right? Apparently not. It’s clear that this time-honored mantra is no longer guiding the consciences of the Pro-Choice… Read more

I was confused by the thought too, but while pursuing the internet I ran into this interesting video: To be honest I had sincerely mixed feelings about it.  On one hand he’s on to something with his realization of the cultural void secularization has left in the wake of its hostile takeover; and on the other he’s entirely misunderstanding the reason as to why that societal degradation has occurred.   Starting with a jarring, and almost silly, halfhearted rejection of all religious… Read more

Recently I was involved in a conversation with an atheist.  The main claim of this young man’s argument was that paganism and Christianity were at their core the same; “both cults…  and ruddy terrible things.”  (for clarification he’s an Englishman).   So apparently this…           is equivalent to this… …   As should be evident, I have a serious problem with this argument.  Two problems to be more specific. First, the fact that paganism and Christianity… Read more

Wanking, fapping, jerking; whatever you want to call it our world bombards men from a very early age with a whole host of masturbation themed jokes, innuendos, references and homages.  Just watch ANY movie directed to a “youth” or “teen” audience, particularly comedies, made since the 1980s and I almost guarantee at least one reference to masturbation. But why is our society so obsessed with fapping?!  Obsessed enough that its become a basic part of our culture…             If asked,… Read more

Truth is a peculiar thing in most human minds, it is that perfection that we seek, the Holy Grail of thought; yet many abandon it in their search for it.  How can one defile their means, and hope for a pure end? To be put in short, pride.  Pride leads the philosopher to abandon the truth in hopes of gaining it. Pride shows its face in a multitude of disfigured poses.  The first of these that I’ll discuss is the… Read more

As the Christmas season approaches quickly it is made more and more evident that something is wrong.  The carols are sounding, the movies are playing, the cookies are being eaten; but I still can’t help wondering, where’s Christmas?! It hasn’t come yet? What do you mean it hasn’t come yet?  We’re already celebrating!  Already having parties and eating our goodies, and watching A Christmas Story on repeat, day in and day out. But Christmas hasn’t started! See a problem?  You should…. Read more

  As I move towards the first post here, I am brought to a tough question; what am I doing? I would love to say that I intend to spread truth.  However, it would be self-righteous of me to lay claim to the idea that I had a definitive grasp of truth.  This is a claim made by many in the past, and a claim I wish not to make for myself. Instead, I’d like to first state that I… Read more

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