The Smithsonian’s Annual Photo Contest Is A Visual Feast

Speaking of dangerous time sinks, Smithsonian Magazine recently unveiled the finalists for its 10th Annual Photo Contest.

The 50 images are broken down into categories — The Natural World, Travel, People, Americana, and Altered Images — and as I scanned through them (and through the archived photos that took part in the nine previous contests), I was reminded of why judging these sorts of contests always seems so impossible difficult to me:

1) Pick a picture at random.
2) Make an airtight case for its victory.
3) Rejoice.
4) Repeat Steps 1-3 with every picture in the contest.

They could all win. Every. Single. One.

A draw would be perfectly fine with me, actually. (But yes, I have favorites. Always. From each category, in fact. Behold!)

Colossal HT to… “This Is Colossal.” (Heh.)

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