Stunning Aerial Photographs From A Commercial Airline Pilot

I stumbled across this guy a few hours ago. My mind is still blown.

My name is Karim Nafatni. See the world through my eyes…

I’m offering only a few mesmerizing samples because I’m never quite sure how much of someone’s work one can share before moving from “Check This Stunning Stuff Out” to “Look At My Awesome Post” territory. And while the second might do wonders for blog metrics (or maybe just my ego), it would dangerously obscure the fact that you NEED to visit Nafatni’s official site, Facebook page, Google+ account, and 500px portfolio for yourself to appreciate just how true the ol’ “Must be seen to be believed” saw is when it comes to his photography.

His technique is worth noting, as well:

He gives the images their ethereal look through a technique called ‘exposure bracketing’ which involves setting up a DSLR camera to take at least three shots, each at a different exposure, before combining them to create the final print.

Some of the results are a trifle over-saturated/too dynamic for my liking — at times, I find the vibrancy of the colors distracting — but the unique perspective is amazing.

HT to The Daily Mail (UK)Image Credits (and mad props) to Mr. Nafatni.

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  • Joshua Sharf

    So these are phenomenal pictures and all. Does this mean we can dispense with the fiction that my camera (anything with a battery) will cause the plane to crash on takeoff or landing?

    • Joseph Susanka

      I wish, Joshua. Somehow, though, I doubt it.