Seven Inspirational Sports Movies That Would Be Worthless Without Their Scores


This post could just as easily be named “Jerry Goldsmith Is THE MAN,” but I’d already mentioned Goldmith’s spectacular efforts on behalf of Hoosiers last week, and I’d hate to be repeating myself so soon. Besides, that would have been a clear violation of Listicle Day. (OK, fine. So that was last week. But I want in anyway, [Read More...]

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“So it was a tale come true; A mighty oak from the acorn grew.”


Taking a few minutes to slow. Things. D.O.W.N…by way of this astonishing little video from Neil Bromhall, who runs a plant identification site called RightPlants4Me: The acorn was collected in September and filmed in an underground set using a 2-hour interval between exposures. The acorn split soon after it was planted and continued to split during [Read More...]

SSF: “White Whale,” Featuring Orson Welles


I stumbled across a fascinating clip of the incomparable Orson Welles reading from Melville’s “Moby Dick” a few days back, and was reminded that it is (sometimes) good that the InterWebs exist. Welles at his mesmerizing best, really, and a great reminder that a striking backdrop and hi-tech audio work and images are all well-and-good. But not necessary. …at least [Read More...]

SVS: “The Music Never Stopped”


Today’s Streaming Video Suggestion (SVS) features an incredible performance from the ubiquitous (but rarely-headlining) character actor J.K. Simmons, a ton of great music — music that, unlike the vast majority of soundtracks, plays an essential role in the story — and conflict. Lots and lots of conflict. And it’s not Whiplash. It’s The Music Never [Read More...]

Imitation, Flattery, and Moths


Mimicry in Nature is nothing new. But this has got to be one of my favorite examples. That’s a Hornet Moth or Hornet Clearwing (Sesia apiformis), and it’s a great example of what’s know as Batesian mimicry: the “most commonly known and widely studied of mimicry complexes,” wherein “a harmless species has evolved to imitate the warning signals [Read More...]

“Every Frame a Painting:” The Art of Cinematic Observation


Last week, fellow Patheotte Frank “YIMCatholic” Weathers sent me this clip. It is good to have friends who understand one so well. “A masterpiece of visual storytelling,” indeed. And Mifune is so, so good. (That’s not a remotely revolutionary or revelatory claim, I know. But still…gosh.) Also, the takeaway is great. “If you like this exercise, [Read More...]

Contributing to the Mendelssohn Birthday Bandwagon


I stumbled across an amazing Mendelssohn video yesterday, courtesy of the always-instructive (and enjoyable) Saturday Chorale website. I loved it , especially because it’s subject, his Second Symphony, is so unlike the other Mendelssohn symphonies with which I am most familiar. But I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Or when. So I stashed [Read More...]

SSF: “Twenty Eight Feet”


My life’s complicated. And I love it. Sure, there are times when it threatens to overwhelm. Every day — sometimes, it feels like “every second of every day” — I find myself surrounded by a sea of dependent little humans. A sea that occasionally feels just as likely to wash me away as it is to sustain me. A sea [Read More...]

SVS: “Hoosiers”


For some (let’s say “inexplicable,” which is significantly gentler than the first “i” word I thought to put there) reason, whenever the rich cinematic world of the Cliché-Riddled Inspirational Sports Movie (C-RISM) is mentioned in my presence, the first film that comes to mind is Hoosiers. Every single time. Without exception. Coincidentally (or not), Hoosiers is currently available from either AMAZON [Read More...]

Magical Murmurations


These fantastical phenomena are pretty much my favorite things ever. 1.An act or instance of murmuring 2. A flock of starlings (The following video, which inspired today’s outburst, comes with a 1080p HD option. Take it. And full-screen would surely not be amiss. Volume? That’s up to you. I’m not a huge fan of the [Read More...]