Sam Rocha’s “Late to Love”


That’s Sam Rocha. He’s a Patheotte. An Academic. A Soul-Singer. And most of all, he’s a soul-searcher. He’s got a Ph.D. And a Kickstarter project for a SoulBluesJazzFunkFolk/Gospel album called “Late to Love.” An album that takes its name from St. Augustine’s “Confessions.” A project with the stated intention of making “the craft of the music its main priority.” [Read More...]

Yes, Virginia. They Do Get Older.


The boys made breakfast this morning, because Mardi Gras. In the past, that’s usually meant something like this: And this: And this: And all too quickly, this: Which invariably leads to this: Or this: And this: Followed by this, all ’round: But today, when I woke up, it was this: And this: Quickly followed by [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Bean Pháidín”


Remember that one post where I recommended everyone watch The Secret of Kells as soon as possible? Good times; good times. Oh, wait. That was Friday? So…I guess I should give y’all have a few more days before the quiz, then. (I told you there was going to be a quiz, didn’t I?) In the meantime, [Read More...]

Appropriate Title? There Is None.


Elizabeth is always reminding us Catholic Patheosi to be thoughtful about our post titles. Well, I thought about this one for a couple of days, and finally decided that there is no title that could possibly prepare you for this musical …thing. None. Why am I posting it, you ask? Just look at it. That’s [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “The Secret of Kells”


The Secret of Kells is one of my favorite…no, wait. I’m going bigger than that. More confident. Let’s try again. *Ahem* The Secret of Kells is one of the finest animated films in recent memory. Period. (It’s also the first film I watched in New York City. And by “first,” I mean “only.”) Sprung from the fertile creative [Read More...]

Sonic Wonders with Trevor Cox

Trevor Cox

I don’t listen to the radio much. I live in a small town, so I’m never driving anywhere for more than about 5-6 minutes at a time. And I walk to work, so there’s no “commute listening” that goes on. (I do listen to podcasts all the time, but that’s a) different, and b) a [Read More...]

Prepping for The Oscars


This Sunday will be the 86th running of the Academy Awards – or as we like to call them in my house: “The Annual, Soul-Crushing Opportunity To Be Reminded That Roger Deakins Doesn’t Have A Golden Statue Yet And Probably Won’t Get One This Year, Either.” No, I’m not bitter. Not at all. (OK, yes I [Read More...]

Crossing Over with Béla Fleck


Here’s what I’m listening to right now. Also known as “what you’re listening to right now.” You’re welcome. That’s Paganini’s Allegro vivace a movimento perpetuo. But it’s not your grandfather’s Paganini. For that, I give you Gil Shaham, “The Traditionalist.” Here’s a slightly less traditional (but really fun) version from Wynton Marsalis. But wait. There’s [Read More...]

Summa Shorts: “Pigs Is Pigs”


When someone mentions The Walt Disney Company® in my presence, the first thing that springs to mind is never “Monstrous Media Leviathan” or “Coming-Of-Age-Princesses with Silly Singing Sidekicks.” It’s not the old-timey features like Pinocchio or Snow White or Fantasia. Nor is it one of the many live-action features that were staples of my early teen [Read More...]

What Sundays Sound Like with Seven Boys


This weekend was pretty typical fare for the Susanka Seven and their handlers…er…parents. My activities included (but were not limited to): Spearheading the instantly-legendary ice-fishing and fish hatchery expedition; Providing transportation (and motivation) for the paper routes; Ensuring the three eldest served the required range of Sunday (and Vigil) Masses; Shopping for a terrifying amount [Read More...]