“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”


Last week, Sean and I finally sat down together and watched something I’ve been trying to get to for the last few months: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I realize that this post this being written quite a bit after the rest of the world gave Jiro their attention, but I actually consider it borderline miraculous that I got [Read More...]

Amazing Animal Congregations


I love large groups of animals. Mostly (I like to tell myself), it’s because I’m fascinated by the often stark differences between “Crowd” and “Individual” behaviors. But I suspect it’s at least partially because I feel like I’m surrounded by my own little Large Group of Animals each and every day. (And yes, there is a [Read More...]

Whittaker’s Wonderful World of Whistling


I’ve always been a whistler. Always, though it frequently drives my wife, my boys, and my co-workers — even, ironically, me — nuts. Actually, maybe I should rephrase that: I’d always considered myself a whistler. Until the day I heard this for the first time: My folks listened to Roger Whittaker religiously when I was [Read More...]

From the Depths to the Heights in Mere Seconds


Last night was nerve-wracking. Crawford was surprisingly spectacular, and Kershaw was solid. The defense was neither. Freddy Garcia was crafty (as I feared he would be). The Braves were scrappy (as I knew they would be). After six, all we knew for sure was that it was as if none of those innings had even happened. We [Read More...]

The Mystery! of Edward Gorey


A few months back, this post popped into my NotGoogleReader®. Like so many of my memories — lying dormant ’till rudely awoken by the triggers of unexpected images and sounds — it instantly reminded me of my mostly-misbegotten youth. And of one of my all-time favorite TV show openings: the animated sequence from PBS’ Mystery! [Read More...]

“Mother, look! What’s all this?”

Covered James II

We have no use for melodramatic Starkian warnings here in Wyoming. Winter isn’t “coming;” it is, or it is not. Yesterday evening, I walked home across a chilly, rainy, snowless landscape. This morning, this: I’ll bet the Public Works folks are less than thrilled, but the boys sure do love it. Well,  most of the boys [Read More...]

Enjoying Haydn’s Keyboard Concerti


Franz Joseph Haydn is easily most famous for his symphonies. And so he should be. Yet as an inveterate contrarian, I’ve long had a soft spot for his lesser known chamber music and concerti. (And yes, I realize that saying something is lesser known than Haydn’s symphonies is a far, far cry from saying it’s obscure. But [Read More...]

Advice For All Papal Watchers: Chew Before Swallowing


Nathan, our youngest, has reached that hilarious transitional stage where he adjusting from receiving his sustenance almost exclusively through breast-feeding to actually eating solid foods. (And by “solid,” I mean “mostly mashed bananas and rice cereal mixed with yogurt,” of course.) He’s both extraordinarily adept — I guess that goes with the early walking — [Read More...]

Tintin, Brought to Life by His Creator


The Susanka Seven are huge Tintin fans. Well, I guess I can’t speak of Nathan’s fandom definitively. Not yet, anyway. But the older 85% are passionately committed. Even The Sixth, Cormac, reads Hergé with regularity. Many’s the time I’ve found him sitting calmly in the basement, leafing through one of the wonderful “Adventures of Tintin” volumes that adorn the [Read More...]

Musical Muscle Memories


I (semi-unexpectedly) spent the last three days almost entirely unplugged. First, because a late September snowstorm knocked out all power at the office until surprisingly late in the weekend. And second, because we embarked on an exciting three-day Hunter Education course with all of the boys. Yep, you heard me. ALL. THE. BOYS. As a result of the [Read More...]