Am I a Racist? An Examination of Conscience

The first step in freeing oneself from sin, after all, is admitting that one is sinful. Read more

Dr. Estrangedlove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace My Inner Feminist

Why am I the only woman in the room? Because a male friend of mine managed to get me in there. Why am I the only woman in that room? Because I’m not given the power to get more women in myself. Read more

Men: Try This One Weird Trick to Get Respect From Women

You have the power to affirm and amplify the value of a woman’s voice or reputation. Read more

Sexual Moral Relativism from the Religious Right?

This is not, unfortunately, the first time I have witnessed the claim that Moore’s misconduct was not an issue because standards were different “back then.” Read more

On Facebook yesterday, a number of Catholic friends were sharing around an image of Mary the Mother of Jesus, modeled after the famous Polish icon, Our Lady of Czestochowa. While the art style may not be to everyone’s taste, what I liked about the image was that Mary is presented as strong, cool – possibly staring down an opponent, certainly keeping her thoughts to herself, while holding her baby close. All we see of the face of baby Jesus is that… Read more

“Fake News” and the Silencing of Women

(PSA: trigger warning for language about rape, violence). The summer I was finishing my M.A. in philosophy, I started receiving threatening phone calls. A male voice, sometimes low and menacing, other times high-pitched and enraged, telling me what he planned to do to me – plans involved rape, cutting, dismemberment. He called me obscene names, told me he knew where I lived, that he knew I lived with my sister. He’d do her too, he said. For homeschool kids, we… Read more

God in the Grotesque: a Nativity Scene

here was God, Creator of the Universe, playing with a kraken like a puppy Read more

Every Day an Apocalypse

Maybe when I turned away from the dreary end-times prophecies it wasn’t because I rejected the apocalyptic, but because I sought it out Read more

How the Religious Right Prepares Women to be Victims of Rape Culture

  You’re a young woman emerging from far-right religious circles, where modesty is a cult and male authority is ordained by God. You are accustomed to regarding your body as a source of sin. Being female alone is problematic, an extra blot on the already smudgy condition of being human.  We women are the ones who let ourselves be tricked into causing the fall, after all. And the subtext is that it would never have happened if Eve hadn’t strayed… Read more

Why I Refuse to Refer to Abortion as a “Holocaust”

“… I assure you of my spiritual closeness and my sharing in your concern for the continuing holocaust of innocent human lives…” wrote John Paul II to Cardinal Bernard Law, in a December, 1997 letter. The word “holocaust,” has clear and somber implications, especially for anyone in the Jewish community. Even when used with a small “h” it carries connotations of the Shoah: and thus the burden of the intolerable and unspeakable in human history – recent human history, as both… Read more

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