Women’s Literature: The Stories That Are Not Told

The radical idea that women are people too still hasn’t entirely caught on. [Read more…]

A Defense of Game of Thrones

Admitting that I am a fan of the hugest TV hit series of the moment can get me some side-eye in Catholic circles, but it is true: I love Game of Thrones. I love the book series on which it is based, A Song of Ice and Fire, even more: a slightly more morally acceptable [Read More…]

When I Try to Say “God,” Strange Sounds Come Out

I had tried to make them overtly religious, failing to recognize that every one of those poems had been about God already. [Read more…]

When Priests Display Misogyny, They Subvert the Persona Christi

The real heart of the problem with this anti-woman approach is not just tacky style, however. It’s bad theology. [Read more…]

What Do Almost All Mass Shooters Have in Common?

Is there a cultural trend that promotes violence for some people? Is there a cultural trend that promotes violence for men? [Read more…]

The Warrior Princess: An Ambiguous Archetype

With Wonder Woman as the hot film of the moment, it’s inevitable that we should revisit several conversations. [Read more…]

A Pro-Life Feminist Perspective on Breastfeeding and Fetishism

The breast is not reducible to a sexual object. It has a function in the relation between mother and child. [Read more…]

With the Paris Accord, Listen to our Popes – Not Trump

Why can we not see how our sinfulness mars the very soil on which we tread, the air we breathe?

[Read more…]

On Selective Outrage: Kathy Griffin, Trump, Obama, and the Right

I thought her display disturbing, and her apology insincere. [Read more…]

When the Right Supports the Burning of the Flag

But there are some things no power, state or federal, has a right to decree. [Read more…]