Did Perry wave about a signed affidavit with “permission from feminists granted” on it? Did feminists applaud? Read more

What bothers me most in both this case, and the case of the Parkland students, is a failure to respect teenagers as human beings. Read more

The thing about intersectionality is that it refutes what-about-ism. Read more

we’re still being constrained by the voices in our head to make ourselves smaller, take up less space, keep quiet, don’t bruise male ego by daring to disagree or hold our own Read more

Last summer, I was informed that my contract to teach English Literature at Franciscan University would not be renewed. This was not the decision of my department head, and had no connection at all with the popularity of my classes, nor with my student evaluations, which were consistently high. In my eleven years of teaching, I had developed many enduring friendships with my students, mentoring them during and after their time at the college. In spite of the low pay,… Read more

The problem in short, for Epstein and his like, is that Trump takes what they view as a good thing and wrap it up in an unseemly packaging Read more

Teachers did not sign on to be armed resisters. They signed on to be teachers. Read more

Young people have had enough. From Tallahassee to Washington, while politicians mumbled the usual platitudes about “thoughts and prayers” and counted their donations from the National Rifle Association, the Florida survivors organized. Read more

If people who grew up shooting and owning guns can see the clear need for real solutions to our gun violence problem, without being handed secret Soros bucks, then young people who saw their friends mowed down by gunfire have even more reason to stand up and demand a solution. Read more

It’s not just the criminals having access to guns that I worry about: it’s the idiots, also Read more

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