Join us in the Revolution of Tenderness

I believe literature is by its very nature interdisciplinary, and creates a space in which the diverse pursuits of wisdom, in different disciplines, can meet: unity in the midst of fragmentation. Read more

“Fine Folks” and the Banality of Evil

The degeneration into evil happens for the most trivial reasons, in a bourgeois middle-class manner, in nice well-kept neighborhoods. Read more

Why the Pro-Life Movement Needs to Be Rebuilt

In recent weeks, I have observed an alarming uptick in tolerance for racism among Catholic pro-lifers. Read more

Does Opposing Nazis Make You “Leftist”?

How many pleasant, decent, respectable Republicans are framing this as a conflict between two political sides. Read more

Christian Ethicists Issue Statement in Condemnation of Racism and White Supremacy

I encourage you to stand in solidarity with them, with us, with the entire body of Christ Crucified, in these central beliefs Read more

Women’s Literature: The Stories That Are Not Told

The radical idea that women are people too still hasn’t entirely caught on. Read more

A Defense of Game of Thrones

Admitting that I am a fan of the hugest TV hit series of the moment can get me some side-eye in Catholic circles, but it is true: I love Game of Thrones. I love the book series on which it is based, A Song of Ice and Fire, even more: a slightly more morally acceptable confession, because at least no one yells at me for watching porn. “Game of Thrones is porn” is the mantra I keep hearing from right-wing… Read more

When I Try to Say “God,” Strange Sounds Come Out

I had tried to make them overtly religious, failing to recognize that every one of those poems had been about God already. Read more

When Priests Display Misogyny, They Subvert the Persona Christi

The real heart of the problem with this anti-woman approach is not just tacky style, however. It’s bad theology. Read more

What Do Almost All Mass Shooters Have in Common?

Is there a cultural trend that promotes violence for some people? Is there a cultural trend that promotes violence for men? Read more

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