How the Religious Right Prepares Women to be Victims of Rape Culture

  You’re a young woman emerging from far-right religious circles, where modesty is a cult and male authority is ordained by God. You are accustomed to regarding your body as a source of sin. Being female alone is problematic, an extra blot on the already smudgy condition of being human.  We women are the ones who let ourselves be tricked into causing the fall, after all. And the subtext is that it would never have happened if Eve hadn’t strayed… Read more

Why I Refuse to Refer to Abortion as a “Holocaust”

“… I assure you of my spiritual closeness and my sharing in your concern for the continuing holocaust of innocent human lives…” wrote John Paul II to Cardinal Bernard Law, in a December, 1997 letter. The word “holocaust,” has clear and somber implications, especially for anyone in the Jewish community. Even when used with a small “h” it carries connotations of the Shoah: and thus the burden of the intolerable and unspeakable in human history – recent human history, as both… Read more

It’s Not About the Vulgarity

As more reports emerge about the scope of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the scale of sexual harassment and assault in general, we are turning our attention increasingly to the conditions in which what is often termed “rape culture” flourishes. Toxic masculinity. Locker-room attitudes. A society that commodifies female sexuality. Capitalist, colonialist notions about possession and power. Normalization of predatory attitudes towards sex. The idea that a woman who doesn’t “put out” is somehow a prude. These conditions exist across… Read more

Not You? Then This is Especially For You

Victims need allies in spaces of power Read more

On NFP: Conversations that Need to Happen

“I did it, you can too,” is never a viable response to someone who is suffering. Read more

It’s Not Just About the Hypocrisy: Representative Tim Murphy, Abortion, and the Problem with Rejecting Consistent Life Ethics

what these men and their supporters represent was never truly pro-life at all Read more

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act: Reasonable Legislation in Defense of Life

We need to have humane laws such as this in place Read more

Join us in the Revolution of Tenderness

I believe literature is by its very nature interdisciplinary, and creates a space in which the diverse pursuits of wisdom, in different disciplines, can meet: unity in the midst of fragmentation. Read more

“Fine Folks” and the Banality of Evil

The degeneration into evil happens for the most trivial reasons, in a bourgeois middle-class manner, in nice well-kept neighborhoods. Read more

Why the Pro-Life Movement Needs to Be Rebuilt

In recent weeks, I have observed an alarming uptick in tolerance for racism among Catholic pro-lifers. Read more

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