the ever-moving goal-post of eliminating abortion supply

What is emerging is a right-wing narrative that favors eugenics, nativism, social Darwinism, and white supremacy, while remaining relatively indifferent to the plight of the unborn [Read more…]

the feast of st. patrick, potato famine, and the consequences of injustice

So if indigenous slaves hadn’t been forced to harvest bat poo in Peru, and if greedy capitalists hadn’t placed profit over common good and justice in Ireland, you wouldn’t be drinking your green beer in America in 2017. [Read more…]

about those “other” NFP families

Part of the problem is that unless you have a child every two years or so, people begin to eye you with that beady “is she using contraception?” glitter. [Read more…]

H.R. 1313: part of the trend of eugenics

And would people of Jewish descent – or other genetically at-risk demographics – be especially targeted for mandatory testing? [Read more…]

things not to say, if you actually respect women

If you’re passing around memes mocking contemporary feminists, you are the type who would have applauded the arrest of Pankhurst in 1914. [Read more…]

shocking material in fairy tales – or, nothing new under the sun

The old stories that come to us out of an older, folk mythos, have been as altered as has the idea of “faerie” itself – made into a genre that exists to be harmless…and, of course, to make a lot of money. [Read more…]

the defense of the unborn, and the demands of justice

If you wake up one day with a violinist attached to you it is unjust, difficult, terrible, oppressive….but, you still have a moral obligation not to act in a way that will result in the death of the violinist [Read more…]

carnivale and social justice

The purpose of ritual licence, in which everything but violence is permitted, and no guilt incurred – in which the usual order of things is turned upside down – is not nihilistic or destructive. It is in fact in the service of true, wholesome order – and community. [Read more…]

talking to my child about privilege

My son, usually very relaxed about conversations on topics of justice, rolled his eyes. “But mom, I didn’t do any of those things! I think it was awful that those things happened, but it was a long time ago, and it wasn’t me! So why are you saying I’m supposed to feel guilty about it.” [Read more…]

genetic testing and hereditary disease: some gifts we can not control

But when I think about hereditary disease, and those who have not been as lucky as I am to escape carrying it, it does look a lot like a curse. Not the kind of curse that falls on you as a punishment, but the kind that descends for no reason, or because you made an innocent mistake: you plucked the white rose instead of the red. You opened the forbidden door. You fell asleep and let the candle burn down. [Read more…]