Let’s not forget that the reason we decided to resist Trump in the first place is not that he is anti-American or a traitor, but that he represents what have always been the worst things about us: our racism, nationalism, worship of violence, toxic masculinity, and acceptance of rape culture. Read more

One serious problem is that religious men feel divinely entitled to have a privileged position in regards to the truth, even the truth about female persons and our bodies. Read more

This is why the movement has lost: it no longer has a moral platform to stand on, no longer has any semblance of a claim to care genuinely for all lives, for women as well as babies, for the born as well as the unborn. Read more

Two years ago, as the November presidential elections loomed large, conservatives and pro-lifers were breathlessly assuring us all that it was necessary to hold our noses and vote GOP for the sake of those magical supreme court picks, and the promise of making abortion disappear once and for all.   In spite of legal experts’ assurance that simply overturning Roe is not the way these things work, and in spite of the fact that Roe was decided on with a… Read more

It feels like surrealism to be celebrating freedom in America, particularly.  If I have any freedom, it’s a freedom that is only possibly because of chance, and because of privilege. And within narrow parameters. Read more

it’s clear that women writers have an uphill battle still, when it comes to being heard and valued in Catholic circles. Read more

You thought you didn’t like political correctness, but you hate it when you have to take a taste of your own moral poison. Read more

For those who find it a challenge to see “us” in “them,” I would suggest this is an important moment in our collective vocation, when we are all called to step beyond the limited ways in which we define who our neighbor is. Read more

There’s very little sacrifice asked of us to welcome the stranger. We live in a nation of vast wealth and resources, even if we continue to squander them senselessly. Good stewardship of our wealth – as well as penance for having stolen it from others – would entail using it to give to others the bare essentials they need. Read more

Whatever you are, this is one of those times in history in which refusing to take a stand gets one lumped in, not with an Aristotelian “golden mean,” but with Dante’s too-bland-even-for-hell-to-want. Read more

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