It doesn’t matter if they are coming here illegally or not. Legality is not morality. The history of humanity is a history of immoral laws Read more

We love racial justice stories when we get to swoop in and save everyone, but a lot of white folks get uncomfortable when conversations about race issues don’t let us be the leads. Read more

How many professors at the kind of schools that emphasize the canon are willing to look at the canon as it’s been shaped by voices from the margins? How many are willing to deconstruct the fantasies? Read more

We’d spent the day in places haunted by ghosts, ghosts who comfort us, with their words from decades past, ghosts who fought for us before we were born, and it seems we should try to fight for them now, too, in our turn. Read more

It’s a poor argument that contraception is bad because it will lead to the objectification of women, because women were already objectified – in marriage, and the expectations of childbearing. Read more

We should regard them as theological equivalents of flat-earthers. Read more

Defining women via receptivity means bracketing out whole categories of deeply personal, bodily, spiritual, and intellectual activity, bracketing out even most of our reproductive biology. Read more

The price of justice for the oppressed is set so low, it is valued less than a moment’s comfort for the powerful. Read more

There’s a long tradition of Catholics being accused of cannibalism, eating our own God, and of morbidity, collecting dried fingers and shriveled hearts, building chapels out of bones of dead monks Read more

If there was any scandal in the Met Gala, it is that when the world looks on us, it does not see the church of the poor. Read more

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