Win a Copy of Holy Nomad!

This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re giving away 25 copies of Matt Litton’s new book, Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy.  In a recent interview with Litton, a writer, educator and speaker, he talked about why he wrote this book:

I think a life without joy and meaning is more of a “life sentence” – it is a far cry from the way we were meant to live. We believe in a God who is constantly inviting us to “come forth” into a journey of meaning, who commands us to follow him into a way of living he calls “real life” or “life to the fullest.”  But we are too often imprisoned and immobilized by our fixation on the most meaningless trappings of life from our religiosity to our materialism to our own sense of self-importance…

Holy Nomad is an invitation to break free, and as such, it’s the perfect little guidebook to take into the New Year. Visit the book club page and scroll down to the bottom to register to win your own copy.

Happy Travels with the Holy Nomad!

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