Rethinking Christian Activism: A Q&A with Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

Amidst the plethora of worthy causes crying out for attention in the world today, how does one truly discern how to respond and act?  Sure, you can “Like” a Facebook page – or several for that matter – but is that enough, or even helpful?  And what happens when we do throw ourselves into one, and then another, and another cause, only to realize at the end of a season, or a couple of years, that the issues still loom large while we feel smaller and smaller?

Veteran activist Tyler Wigg-Stevenson responds to these questions in a valuable new book out this month from InterVarsity Press, The World is Not Ours To Save: Finding the Freedom to Do Good. I spoke with Tyler about why it’s ok not to take on all of the world’s problems; what a new vision for sustainable Christian activism looks like; whether social media is a help or a hindrance to the activist movement; and what advice he’d give the young, eager activist wanting to save the world. Watch our video conversation below.

[For more conversation on The World is Not Ours to Save and to read an excerpt from the book, visit the Patheos Book Club here.]


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