Beloved Community: In Pictures

Continuing the celebration this week: here are a few pictures from Sunday’s 85th celebration.  You can see in these pictures the wonderful spirit present, and the incredible dedication and hard work put in by planning committees, lay volunteers, staff, and friends…a wonderful, shared expression of all we can do and be when we work together. #OneRiverside!80th-Birthday-0004 80th-Birthday-0006 80th-Birthday-0010 80th-Birthday-0022 80th-Birthday-0031 80th-Birthday-0050 80th-Birthday-0061 80th-Birthday-0144 80th-Birthday-0146 80th-Birthday-0149 80th-Birthday-0167 80th-Birthday-0195 80th-Birthday-0198 80th-Birthday-0207 80th-Birthday-0214 80th-Birthday-0216 80th-Birthday-0219 80th-Birthday-0221 80th-Birthday-0232 80th-Birthday-0240 80th-Birthday-0248 80th-Birthday-0254 80th-Birthday-0267 80th-Birthday-0273 80th-Birthday-0301 80th-Birthday-0308 80th-Birthday-0317 80th-Birthday-0332 80th-Birthday-0334 80th-Birthday-0352 80th-Birthday-0363 80th-Birthday-0385 80th-Birthday-0391 80th-Birthday-0401 80th-Birthday-0411 80th-Birthday-0418-2 80th-Birthday-0425 80th-Birthday-0440 80th-Birthday-0445 80th-Birthday-0449 80th-Birthday-0453 80th-Birthday-0472 80th-Birthday-0478

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