LauraTempestLaura Tempest Zakroff is a visual artist, author, designer, dancer, and Witch residing in Seattle, WA with her partner, musician Nathaniel Johnstone and their 3 cats. She has identified as a Modern Traditional Witch for over two decades, viewing her path as one of vocation, craft and practice, spirituality, and way of living.

Her first book, “The Witch’s Cauldron” will be released in May 2017 from Llewellyn Worldwide as part of their Witch’s Tools series.  Her second book, “Sigil Witchery” is due out in early 2018, and she’s currently working on a book on the Modern Tradition of Witchcraft.

Events & other news can be found at www.lauratempestzakroff.com

Other Links:
Art: www.owlkeyme.com
Design:  www.magodjinn.com
Dance: www.darklydramatic.com
Witchery: www.moderntraditionalwitch.com