Day 34: Setting the Table

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Setting the Table by Jennifer Baker-TrinityIt’s quiet. The task is so mundane. Unfold the paper napkin. In the center, lay down the knife, then the fork, and then the spoon to make a wobbly tower and roll. Fold in the sides, roll away from you and fold some more. Take a strip of recycled paper (an old menu, perhaps), make a ring around the center and tape. Voila! The silverware is ready. It’s time to set the table.I am setting tables these days … [Read more...]

Day 33: Love Your New Hampshire Red as Yourself

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Love Your New Hampshire Red as Yourself by Rev. Trey EverettI’m not a vegetarian. I eat turkey at Thanksgiving, grilled burgers on the fourth of July, baked ginger salmon, steak medium rare, and lots of awesome fire-breathing Kung Pow Chicken my wife stir-fries like she was born with a wok in one hand and numbing peppercorn in the other.  I don’t have issues with farms or farmers, eating meat, or raising animals to feed people.  But I do have issues … [Read more...]

Day 32: Food Justice Through Agroecology

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Food Justice Through Agroecology By Rev. Andrew Kang BartlettDid you know that you practice agroecology when you buy a pint of organic blueberries grown by a nearby family farmer, or, when you pick up your share of produce for the week? You further promote agroecology when you plant an heirloom tomato seed. And, even when you collect water off your roof into a rain barrel, you’re participating in agroecology by joining with agroecological water har … [Read more...]

Day 31: Cooking Up Justice

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Cooking Up Justice at the Church Health Center by Rev. Stacy SmithMacaroni and cheese, oven fried chicken and ice cream. Can these foods every be deemed “healthy?” At the Church Health Center, we believe they can.The Church Health Center is a faith-based healthcare nonprofit in Memphis, Tennessee. We have a clinic for the working uninsured and provide comprehensive health care for over 60,000 residents in our county. In addition to the clinic, w … [Read more...]

Day 30: Cooking Fresh

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  Cooking Fresh by Corene EverettCooking with fresh foods has been a lifelong learning experience, from childhood experiments in the kitchen to relying on the open air markets in China for food rather than a grocery store, to discovering the joys of Mollie Katzen, Deborah Madison, and Alice Waters.  I'm no chef,  but I cook simple meals using fresh ingredients for my family because I believe the best option for healthy, delicious food is what we pre … [Read more...]

Day 29: At the Mercy of Time

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  At the Mercy of Time by Rev. Ivan HermanWilderness experts will tell you to prioritize your needs in order to increase your odds of surviving a crisis situation. Most important is shelter, then water, then fire, and finally food. We can survive without food for longer than we can water or shelter. However, in a long-term survival scenario, such simple categorizations break down. Without food, weakness sets in and the will to live and work (and the a … [Read more...]

Day 28: The South Hayward Emergency Food Pantry

 (We're revisiting this post from 2014.)  The South Hayward Emergency Food Pantry by Rev. Jeff HutchesonThere is an amazing collaboration happening in the southeastern part of the Bay Area, in Hayward, California.  The interfaith organization known as the South Hayward Parish is working for justice by empowering the Hayward community.  One arm of that justice is the South Hayward Parish Emergency Food Pantry.   They serve approximately 300 people a day, 4 days a week.  They recently dispe … [Read more...]