Ah, 1996, when 5.6 unemployment was ‘full employment’.

Finally, a study confirms my sometimes cobwebby memory.

The Free Market Project’s study entitled One Economy, Two Spins spells it out:

The major national media turned similar economic numbers into a positive story for then-President Bill Clinton in 1996 and negative news against President George W. Bush in 2004.

I KNEW I remembered hearing from everyone in the mainstream media – and Hillary Clinton herself – that 5.6% unemployment was essentially “Full Employment.”

It’s that old Clinton-good, Bush-bad thing. You know, where they can do comparable things, but when Clinton does it it’s good, and if Bush does it, it’s bad?

YOU know…like…liberate tens of millions of Afghanis, including the miserably oppressed women and children, and get free elections up and running in those countries.

Had Clinton done it – GOOD. Superhuman! Visionary! Noble!

Bush does it – BAD. Shortsighted! Mistake!

And the double-standards and hypocrisies of the new left (so very different from the Democrats I grew up loving) march on. Were that not true, we’d be hearing some praise for the current unemployment rate of 5.4%, especially coming as it does, after a recession, a major attack on our shores and two wars. Had Clinton pulled it off, the press would be calling for him to be anointed King.

And btw, I don’t hate Bill Clinton. I just can’t stand the non-stop double standards. Like John Kerry, I’m just using the first name that pops into my head to use as an example.

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