The Joyful Face of Freedom

Our friend over at Mystery Achievement has a picture that you really must see. It speaks volumes about the joy the Iraqi people are taking as they exercise their right to vote – a right taken for granted by too many in this country, a right too frequently perverted, as we have seen in Wisconsin and Washington State, and elsewhere.

The face of freedom. What joy!

You cannot look at that face and believe that any of our troops died “for nothing” as John Kerry would say.

You cannot look at that face and somehow come away believing that George W. Bush is “Hitler” or that Tony Blair is “his poodle.”

You cannot look at that face and believe for a moment the staggering rants of a bitter and used up Ted Kennedy, all of the other spiritually shrunken and stingy naysayers who find their greatest gratification by standing in the greek chorus and singing the endless “nay” while others – people with heart and vision – do what needs doing.

Such immense joy! No amount of cynical msm coverage will be able to cast shadows over it. Oh, I pray for these people and their first genuine, free election! God bless them and keep them safe as they go forward to take advantage of the right too many Americans take for granted, or worse, pervert.

God bless our troops…and their families who must live without them for a short time, or in tragic cases, forever. They are on the side of the angels, all of them, and on the right side of history.

I cannot understand the madness that has put so many on the wrong side of history in this matter…unchecked and boundless hate has apparently consumed them.

But I understand this: Bush and Blair have done a tremendous, courageous, visionary and heroic thing. God bless them for it, bless them and keep them. Amen.

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